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I'm so sorry mama, that sounds awful. I wish I could come out and help you clean up a bit so both you and your DH could feel better and you could focus on baking that babe!
I teach movement/dance for 2 hrs a week and have planned to continue until the end of the semester, which is May 2nd. I also made a commitment to a friend to stage manage her show with tech every night starting May 3rd and goes until the performances on May 8-9. I'm starting to think I was insane when I said I'd do the show.. here's hoping Mr. Man doesn't come early. ETA: I forgot to mention I'm due May 17.. so cutting it a bit close, lol!
That sounds terrifying, I hope it doesn't happen again!
I feel like this a lot. Many times I expect there to be a big bruise there, but when I look there's nothing there. I know my placenta is posterior and on my left, and the pain isn't in that area so I've just assumed it's from the babe trying to be an acrobat.. it feels like he's literally bruising me from the inside.
I declined the 28 week shot. The way my midwife explained it to me is that the 28 week shot is a precautionary thing - in case something happens like you are in a car accident or something. Even if something does happen you still have 72 hours after the potential blood mixing to get the shot and be fine (assuming the shot works.. nothing is 100%) so I don't see a reason to do the 28 week shot. Doctors also push to give the shot to every - woman regardless of the father's...
This is stull up for debate.. I'll be birthing at home, and I know I want my SO there along with our midwife and probably her assistant. DS wants to be there, so I may assign my mom to be in charge of him. Other than that, we're really not sure yet.
We met with a homebirth midwife last weekend and I really liked her, so I think we're going to switch to her and start really planning our homebirth. I've been reading Childbirth Without Fear and Birthing From Within, but I haven't really gotten too far into either book. I have about half my stash of newborn diapers sewn, so that's good. Now that I think about it I'm feeling rather unprepared.
What are some special traditions you have in your family, and/or are there any you plan to create? What is your all-time favorite book? Why? What is the best present you've ever received? How about given? What is your favorite smiley on the smilies list?
What are some of your hobbies or things you enjoy doing with your free time? Spinning on my wheel, knitting, sewing, writing, drawing, painting, reading, chatting on instant messenger with friends, reading my boards (I do far more reading than posting lately.. I guess I've just been in a quiet mood?) What are some of the ways having children has changed your life? Umm.. how haven't they?? I'm a much stronger person than I ever would have considered possible because of...
What's your biggest soap box topic? Just because I'm a parent doesn't make me a complete idiot. My daughter is mentally ill and it drives me bonkers that social workers and other "professionals" try to act like I don't know what I'm talking about. I know her entire history and could explain it all to you if you had 6 hours to sit here and listen. I know what her diagnoses are, I know why she's on the meds she's on and the side effects of them (along with info on every med...
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