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Thanks ladies. I'm having a bit of a rough time coming to terms with it.. I was pretty convinced he was a girl.
Congrats!! : Glad everything went well.
The 1st tech was a tech in training, so she wouldn't tell us boy vs. girl, but she thought she knew. I could barely see the screen so I couldn't tell at all and Pete wasn't sure what he was looking at. At the very end another tech came in to look over what the 1st tech did and after looking over the pictures already taken (and taking her sweet time, lol!) she finally started doing the ultrsound herself and said boy! It's a boy!! His name is going to be Peter Michael...
I'm so sorry for your loss.
I've been feeling definite, sporadic movement too. SO still hasn't been able to feel anything yet, much to his dismay. I'd say it's probably baby you're feeling!
Thanks! Mine is at 7:30am, so I'm counting the hours while crossing my fingers for a cooperative babe. :
I'm extremely thirsty all the time too. I have no idea if it's something to worry about, but I'm there with you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Amydoula It is totally mixed for me. I dread them b/c I am scared I am going to be told something is wrong or the baby has died but I really look forward to them on the other hand b/c then when I do hear that heartbeat it is such a relief. I feel the same way. I have lots of questions for my appointment this Thursday. I'm worried about a few things, and on the one hand I'm looking forward to getting answers, on the...
Katie, that's adorable about your son. My DS likes to kiss my belly over and over, it's actually almost painful on my sensitive skin. RasJane, I hope you get the house, that's exciting! I'm sorry you're feeling sick. I'm sick today and whiney about it. No one I know is sick, how come I have to be the one to get a stomach bug? Not fair. Now I'm just hoping it's a 24 hour thing, not something that's going to last for a while.. I don't have time to be sick. It's also...
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