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I'm sorry.
I want them, and I'm not even nursing right now! I'm just excited to see something I can wear through my pregnancy and still use after the babe is born.
This hasn't become an issue yet, but I'd like to know my rights in case it does. My DD is 11 years old, and while she is "up to date" on her vaccinations I have a religious exemption on file for her, as she will not be receiving any more. She hasn't had any in years. We are in NYS. DD has some mental illnesses and we had to place her in a group home for safety reasons. At the intake (in September) the nurse there told me she would look into if they could keep DD past...
Slingerlands Family Practice is who kicked us out. They said I could come in one more time where they would "counsel" me on vaccination, and if I still refused I would be "let go." What's interesting is that they didn't really give me much of a problem up until a month ago. I switched to them in March of this year, specifically stating that we don't vax for religious reasons, and they said it wouldn't be a problem.
We were recently fired by our Family Practice. I found them on here, but apparently they just changed their policy to not accept non-vaxing patients. I have one name to call, but didn't know if there are any other Peds or FPs who will take non-vaxed kids AND not harass me every time we go in.. any recommendations?
Our family was recently fired by our Family Practice doctors for refusing to vaccinate. Since then I've called a number of offices in the area (Ped and FP) and so far none will take a non-vaxing family.
Oh, yay!! Congrats!
Quote: Originally Posted by SunCB My prob is where to send it. I know a lot of people have probs with sending it to Locks of Love which is where I have sent my other donations. So if anyone knows a good place to donate please post it so I can look into it. I really like your cut! I've heard donating to Pantene's hair donations means your hair is more likely to be used. Here's a link: http://www.beautifullengths.com/en_US/index_home.jsp
Quote: Originally Posted by russianthistle Here's how I felt it: Fell just above your public bone...and when you massage it, you can feel it all the way down to your cervix...it's a different feeling than I recall ever feeling in any other capacity. That's what that is?? Now I wish I'd asked forever ago how to feel my fundus.. I always just thought I was one really weird preggo lady!
Can I jump in even though I've been slacking on posting lately? I've been pregnancy-related sick for a while, so I sort of stop in and post a bit and then go back to sleep.
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