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I'm so sorry.
I'm right there with you.. I'm stuck with a Peter Michael the 4th here. I'm just hoping for a girl.
Quote: Originally Posted by ColoradoMama I'm not very savvy about techie stuff at all (that's why I married a techno-geek, so he could do it for me! Not really...) I did find Photobucket to be pretty easy - although I've been told there are better ones out there. I started with photobucket and then switched to flickr after a few months. Flickr also has a photo editing program that's pretty nice.
I'm so glad!! Congrats!
Soup. It seems that as long as I stick to a liquid diet I'm sort of ok.
What is your favorite thing about where you live? Are you crafty? Is there anything you're hoping we'll ask you about? What?
I'm 9 weeks and in maternity clothes.. I never thought I would need them this early!
I am so sorry. s
s How scary mama - I hope it's nothing to worry about.
PM'd you.
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