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Thank you for the replies. I'm trying to take my emotions out of my dealings with my realtor. She is awesome at times and then seemingly angry at other times. I'm not sure what is going on but I feel like I should use her as my buyer agent since she is my selling agent as well. I fear that if I use someone else to buy with, that my home sale won't go so smoothly. And honestly, she has done a lot of things for me as a selling agent. I want to buy a home so soon...
Thank you for all of the advice and support! I have thought about getting a dog. The things that make me think that might not be a good idea are 1. kid with asthma (although I don't know that dogs would trigger her or not), and 2. poop in the yard. Maybe the poop isn't a big deal. I've only ever had cats as an adult....and I have one cat now. I've thought about doing some sort of house spirit cleanse deal but then I remember the shows/movies where people do this and...
Ok, it's embarassing but I'm terrified of ghosts and other night-time creepies. I'm going to be living "alone" (with a 2 year old) in the next few weeks and what scares me the most is having endure the long night hours by myself. I'm one of those people that can (and can't seem to not) imagine the worst ghosty or other scary thing hiding in my closet, etc. If this is something you go through, how do you handle your nights?
Hey! I have some questioned that I was hoping some of you can help answer. I'm selling my home that I bought 6 years ago with my soon-to-be-ex husband. The house is set to close on the 5th (It's a miracle we were able to find a buyer this quickly with the Michigan economy). I'm trying to buy another home but this will be the first time I've bought one alone. I don't have someone else to bounce ideas off of and I'm getting a bit nervous. Can someone with...
As a kid, I was both the bully and the one being bullied. I have to say that it does seem as though something extra is going on with this kid. If a parent had said anything at all to me about bullying their kid, I would have been so ashamed and embarrassed of myself. My bullying was a cry out for attention (and control since I had none at my step-mom's home) and approval from adults was so important to me.
I'm going through the same thing with my 2 year old daughter. My dentist is fine but I thought maybe she should see a ped. dentist. I haven't been able to find one that will let me be with her so we'll go with my dentist instead. I can't believe that so many dentists think that I would be ok with sending my toddler off and alone with a stranger behind a closed door! How can I consent to things if I don't know what's happening?
I'm going to miss lellow for yellow. Also she sings twinkle twinkle little star with her line "up a papa whirl so high" and Disconnect the Dots by Of Montreal, "come disconnect the dots with me, papa" instead of "poppet". I already miss "gagu" for doggy and the alphabet has two Ks instead of a J and a K. And it ends with "now my know my ABCs"
I'm ok with characters in moderation but I don't like the idea of this toy. I think it takes away the magic of reading and I can't really explain why. Maybe because it feels like it's taking some of the imagination away from reading to yourself or to others. I make fun voices when I read to my DD and when I read to myself I can hear the character voices in my head.
Hello, I'm in need of a recommendation of a pediatric dentist in the Lansing area. Does anyone know of a good dentist for a toddler that is stranger-skiddish? Thank you in advance.
I guess I don't even understand why it matters if Emily chews on her clothes in the first place.
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