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Wow, you did great!!! Congrats on your little (big) guy!
  When I have this while sitting/driving, it usually means my pants are too tight.  Very annoying regardless.   Sorry everyone is struggling with this. I am doing my best to ignore anything short of my water breaking. And even that better be blatantly obvious.  Luckily I haven't had contractions consistent enough to be real yet.
Good luck!!!
I am so happy for you that things worked out like they did!  You did your homework and it totally paid off...you got yourself a good doctor and you knew just what to do in an emergency...and even ended up with a VBAC, unbelievable!  good for you, mama. Congrats on your beautiful little girl!!
I'm negative!!! I can't believe it, I was sure after being positive twice that I was doomed!   For the record... I didn't do any hibiclens or the like, just probiotics, cranberry supplements 2x a day, and kefir.   It's been 8 years since my last test and since then I have been on broad spectrum antibiotics, so I also wonder if that contributed.
I'm a few weeks behind you and Momo123, but I am in the same boat- I'm a VBAC and I have a "deadline" of 41 weeks.  It seems to be the standard rule.    They have said they will be willing to try to induce me this time at 40+ weeks, even with drugs, which I think is different than when I had my last VBAC.  If my cervix was totally closed and firm they would not attempt it, but I'm already soft and 1-2 which I guess is good enough.    So tomorrow I will be 37...
Wow, what good results we are having... I hope I get as lucky!!! My test is tomorrow.
  It's not as helpful as I made it sound- sorry when I reread it, I got my own hopes up!  I was thinking of this part in the book- when you are having regular contrax and are trying to decide whether it is for real and whether to go to the hospital, they say your partner has to help judge/decide whether you are emotionally 100% serious and focused. They give an example of a couple leaving for the hospital, and on their way out the door the husband takes a photo of the...
Mine too. And now whenever he is leaving the house even for a minute, he says, "Don't have the baby!" and when he comes back he yells into the door, "Did you have the baby??"
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