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Now that is an amazingly fast birth! good thing you were ready for a home birth! Congrats!!
Good luck!!!!  I hope all goes well!
It depends how hard it would be for you in my opinion. If it doesn't feel like a big deal, go for it. It sounds like you think it might be too much though.  Can you substitute something else for the dairy? Maybe since you aren't taking care of a baby yet, you will have more time and energy to brainstorm diet alternatives... get all set up for it before the baby comes.
I've heard of lining your dishes with foil, and then once they are frozen you can pop them out, stick them in a storage bag, label which container it came from, and then put it back in there to reheat.  I have not personally done it. Disposable foil pans would be a good idea too. Dollar Tree maybe.
Magnesium works as a stool softener, like Natural Calm.  Honestly though I'd not want to mess around postpartum, because what if you don't take enough. I'm going to stick with Colace.    I've heard so much about the EMAB bottom spray... I keep thinking maybe I won't need it, but I should probably order it anyway...as insurance! Murphy's Law.
  Ok, I'm taking this as good evidence that the third birth is not a wildcard like we all are afraid of!        I don't know the answer to this either, I think in some cases it is clear and in some cases it's not!  I had to fill out an application for my doula and there was a question about how many hours of active labor... I asked a few friends and none of us knew the real definition, then I read somewhere it's after 3 cm, but how many people know that?    In both of my...
I felt like it was a lot easier the second time, and more enjoyable. It's like riding a bike, it comes back to you!   As for a routine, I don't remember... I also plan to prioritize sleeping but beyond that I'm going to play it by ear.
yeah, I'm wondering...   My first was a c/section. Second time, my water broke around 11 pm, random contractions for a few hours, was at 0 cm at 3 am. About 4 hours later I was at 10 and pushing.  The hospital staff was confused and thought I was just beginning active labor, turned out I was in transition.   I'm nervous about going into labor at work, which is 45 mins from home, and it's 35 mins to the hospital from there. I need to be able to drive myself home...
My left swells more than my right. My baby hangs out on the right side more. I don't know if that makes any sense.   My doctor said to take my rings off too early because you never know when they will get stuck and start hurting. My wedding band was too loose so that one is ok now, but I took off my engagement ring. The heat definitely makes it worse, but the past few days have been cooler and it hasn't helped all that much!
I am nervous about this too. I'm hoping my water breaks like my other two births or I'm afraid I will be clueless until transition.   The Bradley Method book talks a lot about emotional signs as indications of what is going on rather than physical signs. Maybe that's what we should be looking for?
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