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I want to look up EPO for fibrocystic breasts...I haven't heard of it!   I'm taking: Rainbow Light prenatal Iron/b complex 3x a day Cal/mag/zn/D D K RRL tea probiotic cranberry   I have been taking fish oil off and on- I think it is thinning my blood somewhat and causing nosebleeds, so I am planning to stop taking it once I hit 37 weeks just in case. I bleed too much as it is.
I love the vodka idea!   I've heard magnesium too, like Natural Calm if you happen to have it.   For what it's worth, the contrax might not mean anything anyway. I think you have a good plan.
I'm not planning a homebirth, but I want cheesecake on my list, too!
It seems to depend a lot on personal preference, and also your size comes into play. There are lots of good ones out there now, and like regular bras the more comfy ones tend to be less attractive/supportive. I always get some of each. I don't wear them at night because I don't leak so I don't need pads, at least I think that's the main purpose of sleep bras. If you fit into them, the Motherhood and Target ones seem decent and the price is right.  They are good because...
Thanks so much for everyone's input. I think I've found someone.
My kids are much crazier than usual, but they always are this time of year. May-June is guaranteed chaos.    I think I'm almost like mforeback's dh, my dh has been out and busy doing his own thing while I am stuck home with the kids and obviously a little grumpy to begin with... so any chance I get I've been trying to get him to spend more time with me. He's sick, too, which isn't helping. This is his first baby, too, so I feel like I have all these things I need to...
My list is pretty generic and nothing for during the actual birth besides my pillow and socks.  (There's an odd visual for you!)  I was totally in my own world last time, I think music or anything would be a waste of effort. Oh, and I'll probably bring my birth ball in case there are lots of women needing them at once.
I feel like there is a mind-body connection, mostly in that you need to be ready for labor mentally, not panicking, not fighting it. This was my personal experience anyway. What I don't know, is whether feeling ready and calm brings on labor, or if it is a very early first stage of labor characteristic, like the hormones make you feel ready as they begin to work their magic.    For the original poster, the only thing I am wondering if you could try beside what you...
That is so much going on at once. I wish I knew what to say to help you! It seems like you are putting a tremendous amount of pressure on yourself to do everything just right, which I totally understand, but know that you are doing a great job, and hormones are messing with your mind big time! I keep finding myself tearing up at every little thing too. This is such a difficult stretch of pregnancy. Your partner sounds wonderful and supportive, enjoy that and take...
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