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Excellent!! Thank you!
Congrats!!! I'm so glad they are ok!
That's really not cool. I would be ticked.
Your plan is good- you need to talk to your OB and go on the tour, and once you have all the info you can make a decision more easily. It's good to have choices!  This is a hard one, though! I hate that money always comes into play.
I'm having this problem also for the past five days or so. It's not so horrible that I want to treat it, but it is making me nervous a little. I don't think this happened until I was in labor with my first two. I'm 33 weeks.  My reply above from three weeks ago says I would be thrilled, but I changed my mind. 
Did they take your blood today? I don't have any experience with it but I just read about it at this link http://www.americanpregnancy.org/pregnancycomplications/cholestasispregnancy.html which has some good info. It sounds like if that is it, they don't really treat it besides trying to alleviate the itching. It also mentions vitamin K deficiency, maybe it's worth taking a little extra just in case.  Hope it goes away!
The baby's bottom also feels sort of like a ball. I think you are right, if his head is in your pelvis you won't really be able to feel it with your hands. My baby had her head just to the side of my pelvis and I could feel it, then she straightened herself out and moved head down and now I can't feel it. My pelvis can tell the difference though.   And my whole belly seems lower.
I'd go with the plan to ask the ped to write a note. It shouldn't be a big deal for him/her or the school.  Knowing he has an appointment in August should be enough.  If that didn't work for some reason it would probably be fine anyway.
You will love the new baby just as much, I promise. It's just how it works. Seems impossible, but it's true. When you have more children your love is not divided between them, it multiplies!   I am dreading the sweating too. Yuck. And it's going to be hot out. Lots of cool showers are in my future.   I can't recommend a specific probiotic, I have taken lots of kinds and I can't tell the difference from one to the next. the one I have now is Vitacost brand which...
I've been taking probiotics and drinking kefir all along for a few reasons. I also take a bunch of extra vitamins and a cranberry supplement.  Beyond that, I'm just crossing my fingers. I was positive with both of my previous so I'm not too hopeful this time!  Thanks for the no sex tip, hadn't thought of it.
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