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Mine doesn't really go anywhere near the baby, she works on my hips from the front or sides and it barely seems like she is doing anything. She does my shoulders and neck while I'm lying on my back, then while I sit up. I haven't had lower back issues but I think she has a thing you can lie on on your stomach with your belly in a hole that I assume is for lower back.
That is a whole lot of change at once, good stress, but stress nonetheless!  I hope it all goes as smoothly as possible. Take it all one day at a time, think how it will all be behind you in a few months and you will have a new normal that is completely awesome.  Congratulations on the job, it sounds perfect and it is a really good sign that your employer is not phased by your pregnancy. Good things to come.
    Oh totally, and this is the ultimate opportunity for it!!!  Here, this explanation will make everyone feel really sane compared to me...   Want to hear my wacky logic for June 11th... it's math based.  My sons month/years were 2/02 and 4/04, which I like, and this baby will be 6/12 which is acceptable since 6 is a multiple of 12... 6/9/12 is actually another desirable date in my mind. But the 11th comes from this- my first son was born on the 19th and my second the...
At my 30 week appointment baby was head down! She has been almost head down but her head was off to the left, not centered over my pelvis. My chiropractor said my left hip was out of alignment and that it was possible that it was preventing her from getting into position. She did something, and two days later, voila!
Congrats on your little girl!!!!   I had to find out for the same reason- I didn't want to be disappointed in the first moments of the baby's life, i didn't want any negative emotions that could possibly interfere with that experience. If I were going to be surprised I think baby #1 would have been the time to try it. Too late.
Yes, I have already contacted Birth Partners.  My last doula was from Birth Partners, but I knew her personally and that's how I "found" her, rather than having someone chosen for me.  I can't explain why I feel the need to look in other directions, but I was curious if anyone else had any personal recommendations before signing the contract with them.  If that makes sense!
I was really upset about this when I was pregnant with my second.  It's one of those things where you know you made the right decision but the upcoming change and uncertainty is just worrisome.  Of course it turned out just fine, I never for a split second questioned my decision to have a second child, and he has changed all of our lives for the better in so many ways.  Change is always scary, especially during the crazy third trimester hormonal fluctuations.  It takes a...
I thought it might be nice if we had a thread where we share useful links, book recommendations, or other info about breastfeeding.  Even with close to 4 years of it under my belt, it's been a while for me so I have been checking out the new studies and there is so much more out there!   Please add anything you want to share.    This video is really interesting, it's called Maximizing Milk Production With Hands-on Pumping.  Helpful for any of us who might end up with...
I am due in June and I'll be having a VBAC at Bristol Hospital. This will be my second VBAC and third baby at Bristol. My doula from my previous birth moved away and I'm having a hard time dealing with hiring a new doula, I don't know why.  I keep wishing someone I already know or know of would just appear!   So, I'm looking for someone who ideally has VBAC experience, and Bristol Hospital experience. My practice is CCOG and it should be a midwife delivery. No...
I agree totally- I would definitely avoid New Haven itself, but there are decent districts in the surrounding areas.  If you have done any online research as far as statistics, scores, and crime rates you already know this.  Your kids are young, so you have time to move around after you are acclimated to the area if necessary and get them into a better district by middle school/high school. 
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