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That's how my dh is every day, a free day to himself!   I snagged a nice hiking backpack style carrier on Woot.com a few months ago and stashed it in my closet for Father's Day. Love the rum cake idea.
I like Macy June too! But we thought it might be too much because baby's last name starts with the same hard J sound. I think it's still on the list though. This is hard, I don't love the name picking game!
This sounds like me, I'm eating really well and definitely plenty of fruit and veggies, but then there's those Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs, and Ben and Jerry's peanut butter and banana yogurt!    I'm up to 23 lbs at 27 weeks but I started closer to 140, nowhere near as tiny as you.  I feel huge, but in reality I think I am all baby pretty much. And boobs. My legs and butt aren't much bigger.     My prediction is that my weight gain is going to be more gradual in the third...
I bought a lb of loose organic RRL. I have some of the pregnancy teas in bags for at work too. I don't know what is wrong with me this pregnancy, but I am really struggling to drink it. I just made the RRL for the first time two days ago and stuck it in the fridge. I need to either dilute it way down and add something else, or drink it like shots. I haven't decided which to do. I don't like mint anymore, it reminds me of morning sickness.  I am seriously considering...
Awww, what nice stories!
My darn belly button has been inside out for months, regardless of how the baby is lying. I hate that!  I feel like sticking a piece of duct tape on it!
I have been going to the chiro once a month since I got the positive preg test. I think I might up it to every 2 weeks, just like the doctor's appointments. I have a gift certificate for a massage that dh got me, I need to book that.   I like how I feel after a massage, and I like how my toes look after a pedicure, but I really don't like going.  I think I'm the only woman on the planet who hates pedicures. I am actually hoping to polish my toenails this afternoon so...
I was just looking for nursing bras on Ebay. I am guessing I need 34 DD-DDD and maybe a stretchy one or two for the first few weeks if those are too tight.   I would give anything to be like a B or C cup and just go to Target and get some nursing bras! I hate needing the supportive ones.  So does my back. Not to mention the price is double. I am dreading getting any bigger.   Right now my 36D/DDs are too tight and I'm torn about what to do. I think it's too late...
Oh my gosh, I wish I had the nerve to say this to some of my coworkers...then again, another couple of months and I might be saying it on a regular basis.     I was complaining to my dad that my mom was being mean and asking me why I was "SO huge!" (at 12 weeks!) and my dad said to tell her, "I'm pregnant, what's your excuse?"
I think mine is usually LOP. She definitely is still moving between that and transverse and this morning when I woke up she was way up under my rib cage somehow... I can't believe how much she is still moving around. I can't wait for her to settle in a head down position.   Feet kicking directly upward, like practically kicking you in the boobs, is a good indication of head down, in my experience.
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