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If you are eating well and exercising, I think your body is just doing what it needs to do!  I've heard that if you start out on the light side sometimes it means a little more gain, and vice versa if you are heavier. Maybe it's true in your case.   I'm at about 24 lbs at 27 weeks.  At least it has slowed down some after two 10 lb months in a row.  I'm starting to feel more full and less hungry so that will help.
  My goofy collage!  Holy pregnancy brain, I swear it took me five minutes to remember how to put up a picture.    
Dh is nixing names left and right... LOL I thought of a couple over the last few days and I keep coming up with names of students he didn't like (he is a high school teacher).   Macy Taylor, Macy Rae, and several of the suggestions from you ladies.  Oh well, no hurry...   I thought of another today, Macy Aria.  He can't have had a student named Aria yet!
I have varicose and spider veins that get worse with each pregnancy. I am going to get them fixed after this baby is born.     I asked my midwife whether I need the hose this time, and she basically said if they hurt enough that I am willing to put up with the hose (which are super uncomfortable in my opinion, and it's getting hot) then I know it's time to get them. I don't really know if the hose will prevent you from getting more spider veins or not. Maybe...
I think I'm going to use a pouch (lightweight, made it from a sheet) and a mei tai for the beginning. I've never had a wrap but I don't feel inspired to start when it's hot out. I also have like 4 ring slings for when she outgrows the pouch.
Oh, so many good ones!!! I knew you guys would be helpful. I will run them by dh!  Thank you!
I have a Skip Hop duo diaper bag too, it looks like it is going to be awesome. Much better than my free from the hospital bag I had last time!   I got a used Bugaboo Frog stroller for $100 on craigslist and it is at the top of my list of things I can't wait to try.   I sewed a bunch of things-diapers, blankets, carriers, etc. and I think those will all be my favorites. I have some cute second hand Baby Gap stuff that is too cute also.    As for things to buy,...
We are open to either one.   I also love names that can be either gender, and we are open to unique or unusual names.
Ok... we are keeping the name a secret so I can't ask anyone IRL but you guys are the real experts, anyhow... one of the names on our list is Macy.  Can anyone think of a middle name that goes with it?  We decided nothing that starts with M. If it helps, the last name is three syllables and starts with G (hard g pronounced like Gym).  Any ideas??? 
I agree, what a jerk the doctor sounds like!   I'm sorry you're sick.  I don't know how much CVS minute clinic costs but I've had good luck with them.   Another negative about antibiotics during pregnancy- yeast infections. They are much harder to fight off during pregnancy.   I hope you wake up feeling magically better tomorrow.
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