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Quote: Originally Posted by muppet729 I was at a playgroup one time and an African-American woman told me that her nephew asked her if her breasts made chocolate milk. She thought it was hilarious. my husband's nephews asked me the same thing. They thought Lo was the luckiest boy alive.
funky, we had an 86.3% chance of a brown eyed kid, a 10.8% of green, and a 2.8% of blue. Lo's eyes are hazel, but more green. Mom's eyes are green, dad's were brown, DH's are brown, all his family's are brown but one. His sis has blue eyes. so wow, we nailed the 10% chance, that's awesome. Bet our next will be brown though, though blue would rock.
Sprinkled with Granola .....what? at least i'm not jell-o. >_>
We were just talking about this, DH and I. His mom and older sister said some things that still have us laughing. MIL: I couldn't breastfeed(SIL) Us: How come? MIL: Cause she was allergic to my milk. Us:...................O_o SIL: I couldn't breastfeed either of the boys either Us:.............why? SIL: My milk ruined. (She was DEAD SERIOUS!!) Us:..................like in the fridge ruined? >_> SIL: No, ruined in my t*****. Us:...............we have to go...
lol yeah, that would be....awkward. i'm such a cynic though.
Quote: Originally Posted by amyjeans I need to watch it again- but someone mentioned it to me...I wonder if it was edited out of the new edition. I think it is gone, as is the erm.....man symbol -looking castle on the original vhs box art. We saw his 'problem', but it looked a bit too high to be his knees to us. We just bought this for my buddies 3 year old, Ursula scared her, at least the ending fight/death scene did. She is a bit...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pandora114 >.> Umm...I gave my DD gravol on a few flights.....I didn't know she was gonna get air sick or not and I really didn't feel like being covered from head to toe with toddler vomit.... GamerGirl: >.> Little OT, Dost thou play.....City of.....???? No, I don't, but Starcraft however......... I did read that half those meds cause an adverse reaction in kids, makes them more hyper. Not to mention...
I tried Curry Lamb at the Naan and Curry around the corner from the job, but it gave me a KILLER migrane and tasted awful. My couin is in cooking school and said the taste was probably something else besides curry. The migrane probably came from MSG, but I'm willing to give it a shot again. So, does anyone have a simple rice dish I can make, and that a 1 year old will eat too? DH has no desire to try it.
My son did it when he was around 13-14 months. I didn't know he did it until I picked up my cell phone and saw I had a message from the Oakland Police saying the cops were at the door for a 911 call. O_o They rang the bell, and I told them that it was my son and it was an accident. They didn't believe me, so I invited them in, no one there but me and a giggling kid, cellphone in hand(with the key lock on this time).
We call ours Man-Man, but only a select few can do the same. And family can be a pain with ignoring your requests. I had to stop going to family reuinons because they keep calling my son 'Little Half and Half', and 'White Boy'. (He's black/white, but looks 100% white) But I digress, its late here.....
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