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Chicken  Pox party !   Hello Vancouver mamas! Gosh, I haven't been here for a few years now.This tribe is getting so big .. I feel that I need to share this news with you as I know some of you here did not vaccinate  your kids against chicken pox and wanted them to be exposed to it...well ,DS1 just got the pox last night and my youngest might get it very soon.    I know the timing and all that as we were supposed to flight out to Mexico for 2 weeks and now we...
We use Sunrise eventhough they have no direct connections in VN(not yet anyway),they work with TDH agency in Montreal for VN adoption.after our research,we felt quite comfortable with Sunrise so dicided to go with them.Since we're on the costs topic,I can share these with you guys. They charge us $3000 for Homestudy and $3000 for their fee. $7500 for TDH fees. $8720 for Vietnam fees Travel costs(approx)$6000 total over:$28.000 Tiffani,i'm curious:how much FSGV are...
Hi little-bea, I'm using Sunrise.We're in process to adopt a child from Vietnam...we fishnished our homestudy in last december....but had to wait for BC to sign the agreement with VN gov to re-open VN adoption for BC residents...so finally,last week we signed our paper so they could send the dossier to VN...so now we can offically wait. which country are you thinking to adopt? I know there's a strong very active group of VN APs here in Vancouver...i've met some of...
check out this one: www.2peas1pod.com
I love this website....with yummy photos: www.thaitable.com
I'm adopting from Vietnam.our 1 st homestudy meeting is scheduled for Oct 4. I'll fill you in as our journey go. Take care.
Quote: Originally Posted by tiffani I don't know how to go about asking a homestudy agency about this without drawing undue attention to an issue that may not even be addressed if I don't bring it up. Maybe I'll send an anonymous email to the homestudy agency from a friend's computer... I do have a social worker friend who has already advised me to not bring up co-sleeping, so I'll ask her what the local social workers around here have to say about...
Hi all, I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with adoptions from Vietnam? We're planning to adopt from Vietnam. Our 1st home study meeting is scheduled in a couple weeks.I'll check back with this thread more often . Hey Tiffani Chi
I really need some ,too ! Tamagotchi and MyLittleWonders,if you still have some grains to share please let me know.I have paypal for shipping and will PM my address. TIA. Chi
Hello , I was wondering if anyone here had some available. I'm in Vancouver,BC. Thanks in advance. Chi
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