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I too had the thought that working at a desk would be better than what I am doing! Getting coffee breaks, no whining, Lunch with adults. But then I realized that I can't imagine sitting at a desk all day, drive through traffic, and stress about deadlines at work! I truly do look up to the working moms, I can't imagine myself balancing work, kids, their school, house AND husband! I freak out when my house gets a little messy!
Being a Stay at Home mom is a job/career and I too am fine with this choice! I can not even imagine balancing work, kids, their school, house and husband. I don't know how they do it. I freak out even when my house gets a little messy...
-get into a good routine for the week or day -take time for yourself, go work out! or read! or watch a movie! -remember to spend some time alone with the Husband too!
I have a 4 and 2.5 almost 3 year old too! I try very hard to balance everything, I am a true Libra at heart! Mondays I spend at home, getting all the housework done. I do the laundry when the washer is full. My boys pick up their own toys in their room. I keep all the toys in their bedroom, so I don't have to clean it up or step on them! I go to the gym class 3 times a week at night, while husband takes the older one to TKD class. My husband takes care of all the mail. I...
I too do chores when I am in the mood to. I have no schedule usually. I do laundry when the washer is full. I do the dishes as I cook and after we eat. My boys clean their rooms, I don't pick up their toys anymore.
If its a mess my boys made, I usually clean right after, because I don't like looking at it.. Mondays we usually all stay in and I clean the house and my boys play with each other. I have stopped "playing" with them as much now that my boys are a little older and they play with each other. Tues-Friday I always take them out for fun and play dates and parks etc for half of the day.
I do this all the time... I get on the laptop though...instead of eating frosting
Winter time is the hardest time for us. I turned into a complete homebody sometimes and forget how to keep myself happy, so thanks for starting this thread! I agree on the play dates, I try to have at least 1 a week, sometimes 2. I also have TKD 2-3 times a week and Soccer every Friday, which is also my workout. I enjoy reading at night, and cooking/trying new recipes always keeps the husband/family happy. I also make sure to have a cup of coffee every day or cup of...
It depends on the weather for me... When it's warm and sunny out, I spend all morning outside... then come back for lunch and maybe a nap... When it's crappy out, like the rain today, I don't mind staying inside... There's always cleaning to be done!
I got him some preschool and kindergarten books to work on after breakfast/before lunch. Things like writing letter, numbers, and addition. I read 4 books at a time with him when he wants to relax/nap/bedtime..he picks 4. Reading the same few books helps them with memory and language...
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