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thanks everyone. we're doing great, struggling to find online time, since it's hard to type 1 handed while nursing and entertaining 3 other kids..
CONGRATS!! he's adorable! :
So as i said before in my other thread I ended up being induced. However I woke up at 2 am the night before wiht ctx every 5 minutes, most i could slppe through but not all. I got up at 5 and called the hospital to make sure they still wanted me to come in. they said to come in for 7 adn my dr would check things out. I went in after finding out the ctx had basicaly diminished to every 10 minutes we deceided to start a low pitocin drip and see how things went. My dr...
Thanks mollie for posting fo rme I'll put up some pics adn a bit more of a birth story in a bit.. jus tstill all smitten with her for now Oh and i did update my induction rant as well... i just needed to get it out and tha treally helped. Thanks everyone for the support!
It went well.. I did end up with the induction... minimal pit which they turned off when asked and AROM that definately helped my contractions. I used the birht ball teh entire labor, no pain meds (YEAH!) no pressure for mthe nurses as they kne wupfront how upset i was about getting induced. ANd my Dr was wonderful. Wanted me out of the bed as much as i was willing, since he said that it was way more uncomfortable in there than out. By far, althoguh i was induced yet...
CONGRATS!!!! ANd yeah on the VBAC! And love her name!!
Thanks for the thoughts everyoen.. I know exactly when i go tpregnant so i know teh dates are right.. and teh ssue is that i already "got a week extension" they wanted to induce last Tuesday. I KNOW i can say no and wait a while longer but my hospital won't let my dr deliver after 42 weeks.. I have a family practice Dr rahter than a regular OB adn the hospital policy is an OB HAS to be there fo rdelivery past 42 weks and they are VERY section happy. I've been meditating,...
I'm going in tomorrow Am fo ran induction. I've cried all day about it . I HATE teh thought of a 4th induction and feel like there is somethign wrong with me or my body. I've been pregna t4 times, carried 4 babies full term , PAST term every time. I've gotten to 41 weeks and now 41weeks 3 days and still nothgin. I have DAYS of prelabor stuff, dilated to 3 cm and sit there. and wait, and hope and pray adn CRY!> I am so exhausted from teh emotional aspect of al of it. I am...
9 hours of 7 min apt contractions..... and went to bed and NOTHING> today they are still present adn stronger but not ready for timing them yet... off to clean dd's room
Part of me wants a valentines baby only so it will be done with today! LOL The other part of me wants her to stay in for 2 more days until my dr returns... or at least until tomorrow so she has her own very special day, rather than sharing a holiday.. but whatever works.. not liek i have a choice right?! LOL
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