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Holy moly...! I hunted this down after seeing your sig, too. This is just an amazing story. (Really well told, too!) I'm so glad that everyone is healthy. The "sat on the hand grenade" part is absolutely horrifying... Hope that is healing well. Just amazing!
The one that comes to mind right away is "The Pussycat Tiger." It is a little anachronistic in its gender roles -- the baby tiger going crying to his mother as something he should grow out of -- but it's basically sweet, and one of my dd's favorite books.
Definitely very very important! My daughter eventually got used to it once it was made clear that it was not optional. Period. She now opens her mouth willingly (usually), as long as I sing a song to her or talk to her about something interesting and not toothbrush-related while I do it. I've started letting her play with the toothbrush AFTER I'm finished. She will need to learn how to do it herself eventually, after all. We went through a period (after "letting...
Can someone clarify about the necessity of these suits vs. sunscreen? My dd has been slathered with sunscreen all summer and that has, as far as I know, gone really well -- I missed one spot of about 1/2 square inch at one point early on that burned, but that's it. Not even much of a tan. Do I need to worry?
Dd came to me and said very seriously, "Mama, I fell in the toilet!" I was very worried, immediately turned my full attention on her, was she OK? Then she said "I fell in the toilet... because I was a POOP!!" (Maniacal giggles.) A bit later, she did the exact same thing to my dh -- same timing, same expressions, everything. He laughed, and said, "What kind of a joke was that?" Without hesitation, she replied, "A POOP joke!!!" (More maniacal giggles.)
Just wanted to agree with Iguanavere re: not napping -- dd has almost completely given up naps (well, naps maybe 20% of the time) and she goes to sleep much more easily, sleeps more soundly, and sleeps longer after a no-nap day. If you put your child to bed before you go to sleep, you can probably push back the bedtime to make up the break. (I mentioned before that we all go to sleep at the same time and I have my break in the morning.) At any rate, I have found that...
I've been to lots of reggae festivals and it's really difficult to avoid the smoke. I feel like that's an issue beyond the separation etc. (i.e. my advice would be very different if you were talking about going to a beach house or something for the same amount of time.) But if you took your kids before and it worked out, cool.
Carmen, I had the same thought. Even if amymarie and her dp don't plan to, the air will probably be thick.
Yep. I was put to bed with a bottle of milk every night, didn't start having my teeth brushed until I was about 3 (!), and didn't have a single cavity until I was a teenager. It's not as simple as "this situation will always create cavities" or "this situation will never create cavities" -- there are just various risk factors, some predictable, some not and it's worth it to find out as much as you can and take what precautions you can. Night nursing has too many...
Yep, non-negotiable. My dd hated having her teeth brushed too, which is why I didn't push it until she was a bit over a year old -- and she had 7 cavities at 18 months. After that, we first brushed her teeth in tandem -- dh held her on his lap, and I brushed her teeth. She hated it at first, but pretty quickly got used to the idea once it became obvious that it was just plain non-negotiable. Now she still has her protest moments, but usually it's a one-person job...
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