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Yaay! Glad you have a good feeling about this one and here is the sandmans replacement, the .. sleep fairy... HAHA ... for your babe
: GREAT ideas!
I agree with everyone else... sell and live happier!
I hope you get helped soon! I, too, would call and speak with the bank, let them know your situation and that you aren't not paying on purpose, and that it is a very temporary situation
We like to go walk around (esp when all the Christmas stuff is out ) but the one thing we ALWAYS get there is frozen chicken breasts... We also usually get out TP and PT there
I don't have a solution, my youngest ds was the same way, so I just let him stay on while we co slept (probably not the best solution, esp with twins)... but I just wanted to offer up a I know how frustrating/tiring it can be
sounds like a growth spurt to me...
hmmm... could possibly be the begining of thrush? any pain/white onthe nipples at all? Or could just be a new reaction to stimulation or let down.. I got it with my last babe... I would describe it as a tingly sensation inside the nipple... nothing ever came of it, I just noticed it every now and then...
Quote: Kids that age are often akward especially if they're not sure what to do, sounds like she's trying to be polite. I'd just say "Hey sweetie, you don't have to go over there if you don't want, I'm fine with you sitting here and talking with me while ds eats"
I have no advice, but how sad, poor baby (the throwing up part.. which, imo, is the worse thing in the world).I hope you are able to figure out something that works for you guys!
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