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Awesome, thanks!
That totally stinks! I hope the event goes off without a hitch, though! (um, that's the right expression... right? HAHAHA)
Quote: survival type stuff. Books about tracking animals or about wild edibles, binoculars, pocket telescope, compass. I think this is a great idea I know my kids would like it
I would suggest maybe getting his hearing checked, if anything just to rule that out, because it would just stink if you were getting frustrated with him when it's not something he can really control, you know? and then go from there... at least then you'd know if he really is just ignoring you
Quote: The days are long but the years zip by. so very true! My 7 year old has finally reached that point where she just wants some alone time... it's just crazy! seems like she was a tiny baby just weeks ago...
Quote: I've got no problems with my kids eating 2 day old dried out cheerios off the floor. HAHA, me too :
all my kids have wide feet, so I totally get the frustration.. but I have to 2nd this: Quote: Preschoolians doesn't have the best track record for quality I haven't really heard anything good about them at all...
I don't know, I think each kid is different in how much they understand something deep... We've not had to deal with this with our 2 year old yet (my grandfather had passed, but he thought mommy was just going on a quick vacation, and was told that mommy's grandpa died, but he didn't ask anything or look confused, just "oh, okay!" but I'm sure it would have been different if it was someone he knew better)... I'm not sure what I would say.. other than Doggie got hurt...
I seriously hate strangers that think because they're older and have had kids they get to come right up and start messing with yours...
honestly I think all my kids would like it to some degree
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