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my first was cereal at 5 months... 2nd was cereal/jars at 6 mos... 3rd was cereal/homemade food at 7 mos... 4th was homemade food at 9 mos... 5th is still on EBM (6 wks)
I've heard it's extremely easy to get preggo within the first few months... so I'd just keep an eye on things and maybe test in a few weeks...?
have you tried giving her a teething toy to munch on instead?
With no one to watch or help with the younger kiddos it seems as though you're stuck with having to sit out on teh ones that have a minimum age req... not fun, but just something that goes along with having more than 1 kiddo... Quote: find things that both children can attend or wait until the weekend so that DH helps and we can each take a kid. It's a bummer to have to miss all kinds of really cool outings, but I know we'll be there soon enough.
Quote: I'm a big fan of the Bilibo that looks like such a fun toy!
Thanks for the .. thing is, she can get a fine latch, but my body won't let down for her (part of Sheehan's syndrome, from what I understand, from losing too much blood after her birth) but we're working on it! I still get her to the breast at least 3x/day, but a lot of the time she gets so frustrated because she's not getting anything... I will say there is only one semi-good thing about her ability to take a bottle... I am going out to dinner with a girlfriend tonight...
Quote: Oh Kellie, I wish you lived near me! We should really keep in touch. I have yet to meet anyone w/ this many children this close in age. I feel like an outsider and not welcomed when I show up w/ so many kids. How are you managing homeschooling and the new baby? I wonder how that will go here....one month and we'll know! Congrats on the new baby thank you! Homeschooling with the new babe is.. going very very slowly... we had issues the first 2...
Yes! It's the blending sounds that seems to be an issue when it comes to sounding out... "Bu...... Eh.....Du..." (as in Bed) ... BuEhDu... I try to get her to just do the short b sound, without the Uh after it, but when sounding out it inevitably comes back, and she can say BuEhDu til the cows come home without getting that it's BED...
Lillian, thanks for the link Quote: When you say she can't read, what do you mean? Not at all? I just mean she can't put the words together.. well, most of them. she has some sight words down, and can write some words (her and her siblings names, mommy, daddy, her friends name, phone number and other numbers) but she can't sound out words, and doesn't get all the sounds that all the letters make... she can see the letters and words fine, just...
Lemon, switch some of the kids sexs around, and I think we're sisters... LOL.. my 7 y/o dd can't read, and while she tries at times, she gives up easily... I also have a 5y/o ds, a 4 y/o dd and a 2 y/o ds.. and a 1 month old dd now I'm off to read the whole thread... (I tend to go to the most recent post first.. lol)
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