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We've only had issues with mold in the squirt toys.. so those we just buy cheap since we do throw them out once they get that way.. I personally think it's gross, but that's jmo
I think a play kithcen, large doll house or puppet theater w/ puppets are GREAT ideas
Glad to hear he's doing well today!
My boys have always had dolls, but just hand me downs from their sisters. They just have a couple inexpensive cloth dolls from friends, but they love them! It's so cute to see my younger ds shusshing a baby to sleep
While it does sound a little unusual to me I'm thinking it's probably completely normal (esp if the dr's aren't worried yet). I would just keep an eye on things and see how she progresses
This is the kind of thing my kids liked (but theirs were plastic... and less $$ ... lol)
all my kids have been ear tuggers.. I agree that it's the age, and having something new to actually get a hold of (esp if she doesn't appear to be in any pain or discomfort)
baby legs are a great suggestion! esp with it being colder, and her still crawling around (even if she starts walking she'll still be crawling some, probably)
It would just be so much easier if we were able to bf directly from me, but due to our issues I hold her and bottle feed ebm, and then I have to sit there for another 20-30 min and pump.. and by then she's ready to eat again... it's non stop, and so hard to do with 4 other kiddos running around...
Quote: It really bothers me that there is such a level of willful ignorance about basic breastfeeding facts among the medical profession. They always seem genuinely suprised when you haven't even started cereal or something like that by 4 mos around here... SO annoying that the patient seems to have to educate the Dr.
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