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I would suggest some books, good wooden blocks (though I don't knwo who makes any , sorry!) .. I know they make push walkers that are wooden, maybe at a Toy Works? (my kids love a winnie the pooh plastic one my church has)
I'm constantly anemic, and yeah, that sounds about right... what tips me off usually is the always tired and feeling drained... Once you up your iron enough then you should feel 100% better
yeah, if it's already going away I wouldn't even worry about it... I'd just keep an eye on things and see if it returns if there are similar circumstances (liek the heat or something) that might explain it... (but then, I'm someone who feels better having an explanation for everything... LOL)
Quote: Unfortunately, she can't suck her thumb and nurse at the same time! yeah, as much as mine would try it would break the latch and sound like DH does when he sucks his teeth (to get food out) ... LOL
Quote: How abotu formal separates, like a birdesmaid type thing? I just looked up David's Bridal online and found they have separates on sale, that way you could get a bigger size for the top and a smaller on the bottom? Good luck finding something! I dread getting dressed to go out anywhere, because none of my cute clothes fit me at the moment ... lol I would be all over buying something pretty and new
umm... I left it at the hospital...? (looks like I'm the odd one out... LOL)
: I need to come back here when I have more time and figure out how/what we're gonna do for Christmas this year
Mine did that, too, so I think it's normal... the only thing I could do to stop it was either swaddling, or simply holding her hand (which is so precious on it's own )
I vote SNS, too
I have no idea.. could it be from heat/being too warm? or have you been leaking a lot? could just be irritated... but I really don't know... sorry!
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