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I want to try some red wine but I'm nervous that it will make me sick. I LOVE wine, and I do think it will relax me, but I just don't want to throw up red wine all over the hospital when I get there. Also, can't they detect it in the blood they draw? Couldn't they call CPS? Or am I just ebing paranoied...
Great birth story and SUPER GREAT name!
I LOVE the name! Congratulations!
Yeah, it seems like she just wants to jump out sometimes. It has gotten stronger in the last week, too. I don't remember this with dd1.
I posted a while ago about having a breech baby at 36 weeks. Well, baby turned at 37, stayed down for two weeks only to turn again at my 39 week apt on Monday. Then, I went in for a version yesteerday mornign and she was head down AGAIN. ANyway, the midwife wants me to wear a "binder" and she has explained it as a kind of tummy lifter to hel the babies head descend down (baby is stillreally high). She said a place makes them called De Unique or something like that but I...
Some of you have taled about a support belt? What is this? I need one in case my babe turns after the version on Wednesday!
Ah! What a rollar coaster I have been on. Babe turned head down around 37 weeks and stayed that way and now at my 39 week apt. She is head up again. What!??? So frusterating! Theyhave me scheduled for a version on Wednesday but they also want to induce me right away if it is successful so they baby won't turn again. What do you think about this? How can I keep this bebe head down!? I'm SO NERVOUS about the version...
My husband is putting together a DVD of music and pictures for me to space off to during labor. This was something that I thought would have been so nice when I was in labor with #1. I'm really excited. He hasn't shown it to me yet but I think its going to have wedding pictures and everything from our lives for the last 5 years. Only about 1 hour long though.
I'm mostly nervous about my dd adjusting to me being gone for a while. I have never left her for a night or more then 7-8 hours and I'm just so afraid for her to be afraid I am not coming back or something. With my first labor it lasted 30 hours and I can't imagine being away from her for 30 hours! but at the same time, I can't imagine having her around while I am concentrating on the labor. I'm also worried about being bullied into unnecessary interventions during and...
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