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Haha, no, sorry about that--I'm actually due July 30th : ) (gotta change that....)
Yes, today has definately gone better! I got a little sleep last night although it was intermittant and nothing drastic has happened today. Thanks for checking in on me! Clare is currently watching Mary Poppins which is a hge treat for her and a huge treat for me to get a little alone time. It was nice to sleep on clean sheets last night even though the laundry was hard to do...but still, that was positive! Thank you all for your vibes!
Thank you all so much for your kind words. I feel so much better reading all your posts. Today has truly been horrific, but I just need to remember that it is just ONE DAY. I keep falling into this trap of thinking--"If this is how bad it can get with a 2 year old, what would a day like this be like with a new baby!?" Ugh! But then I have to remind myself that I won't be huge and pregnant with a new baby...so things will be considerably better. Thanks so much EVERYONE!
I feel terrible. I just spanked my 2 year old. I feel like I just want to crawl under the earth and not be alive for a few days. It is like 100 degrees out and I'm a week from my due date. I am getting over a cough and cold and my daughter is being an absolute terror. She was up from 2:30am last night until 6:30 (which is totally unusual) and I am just so exausted. She spilled maple syrup ( a gallon) all over the bed and carpet yesterday so I am trying to do about 5 loads...
(hoping this is the right board to post on!) I need to cover our bed pillows with an allergen barrier-cover. I am just so blown away by the cost. We are really tight on money right now and an initial cost of $100 is just not doable. Do I have to get the really high quality covers for them to work? Or can I just get the cheap 7.99 Bed Bath and Beyond or Target brands? Has anyone used these successfully? Any tips for saving money in this area? Can I MAKE them?
I usually really like beer but I have been super turned off to it during the whole pregnancy. Wine is another story though!
OMG! I could have written your post. I am also 38weeks and SO anxious. I have had anxiety issues all my life thougth--for some reason they are just hitting hard right now. I just keep feeling trapped or something whenever I lie down and I have a two year old so when I am REALLY tired which is usually between 9am and 1pm (not sure why this time in particular) I can't sleep. Lasst night I finally, out of desperation, drank about 3 oz. of red wine and I slept like a babe. i...
Can I use Dr. Bronners instead of baby soap?
A couple people have posted about how popular the name Josephine is becoming...this has me a bit worried! Does anyone actually know of little kids, like under five, named Josephine? I personally have never known another Josephine but it might just be the geographics of where I live.
Hey, I just wanted to tell you that I am 37 weeks and my babe JUST turned head down, so hang in there!!! It is possible!
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