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I've actually had gallbladder trouble in the past and that is on your upper right side. This is very definately my left...hummm
I'm having this wierd dull achey pain in my upper left side, just under my rib cage--which I think is where my stomach has squished too...but I woke up with it this mornign and it hasn't gone away. I have had some of the runs today too...It all kind of started when I ate a Chipotle burrito that was really spicy on Sunday night but why does my stomach still hurt? Could it be my colon? Could the baby have bruised my stomach? Should I see a doctor?
Quote: Originally Posted by mamallama I agree that kids need to have their feelings validated. I hate to hear "you're ok" when the child is obviously distraught and not ok. I'm not a huge comforter, though. I jump and run when I hear a certain cry, and I'm always available for a hug and kiss, but I'm much more likely to say "that was scary, huh?" rather than gush over my poor little schnookums, y/k? I'm a retired doula. I learned a lot about...
Oh my goodness, I'm blushing reading this whole thread I can't believe that something so innocent has sparked so many lashy comments. I mean, I was so excited to read this on the news this morning and then my first thought was, "Wonderful! I bet someone has started a thread on MDC!" But it seems that people can't just be kind, they have to nit pick. Really, honestly, people, if we can't get along on a this wonderful, open minded board, how is this world going to get...
Josephine Amanda Ruth
Honestly (and please don't yell at me anyone!) this name is like the most popular name around here for Bible Christians. Not that that is bad, but I have just never heard it used by someone who wasn't Bible Christian. I seriously know like 6 in this one small, Christian playgroup around here. I think it is a beautiful name though.
Though most of your names aren't names I would choose, I think they are way cool. they are the kind of names that if I heard a mother calling in the park to a child, I could be like, Wow, that SUCH a cool name. My favorite of the boys is Gideon )although it does remind me of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers). I have never heard the name Maple for a girl but I absolutely ADORE it. Maple Jane is probably the cutest name I've heard on these boards yet. I also really like...
This thread is SO inspiring!
Thanks Everyone!! Here is what I am thinking about nicknames...maybe Josie, but I'm not sold on it. I don't know if we can avoid it though it is such a common nickname for Josephine. Also, I love Sophie, which I read is a nickname for Josephine--but do you think that is to far fetched?
Every Week: 1 load of diapers 1 load of my clothes and Clare's 1 load of Hubbys clothes 1 load of towels, or kitchen clothes, or rags, or whatever So, I guess four total a week. I would like to get that down to two but with the cloth diapers I don't know if I can...
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