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Thanks guys, I feel a bit better....btw, what is WIC?
Honest opinion here!!! What do you think of this name? Does it go with our dd's name, Clare? The middle names are Amanda Ruth and not negotiable. Josephine Amanda Ruth? What do you think?
I was conceived 26 year ago with my dad having a vasectomy, and using a condom with a spermicide. I realize this is totally bizarre and not something that most people have to worry about but actually it has always made me feel special in a certain way--like I REALLY need to be on this planet for some reason. ROFL!!
(not sure if this is the right forum, sorry!) I pack a lunch for my husband every day and I generally just fill ziplock baggies and tupperwares with food but I have been reading all about plastics and I really want to move away from these. Does anyone know of a good safe plastic or metel lunchbox with compartments inside? Its doesn't necessarily need to be thermal, just something to keep the food from knocking around and something that doesn't use unsafe plastic!
hand soap--half water, half castile dishes--a few squirts in water baby wipes--a couple drops in the solution shampoo--once a month for a good clean and natural oil distrubution
OK, this is kind of embarressing (not really sure why). But yesterday we were so desperate for some food that I had to call the local Families Forward and pick up groceries. A year ago we were eating almost 100% organic food and slowly I have had to weed out the organic (except a CSA basket we get through DH's family) and all meat and most dairy products. Well, the groceries consisted of canned goods (soups, veggies, beans), white pasta and rice, and some white bread and...
So if I can feel the babes hiccups on my lower right hip does that mean that is where her head is or her chest? I just can't figure out what position this babe is in! She was head up on Monday but I think mayeb she has changed...
I heard that cucumber peels repel them. I have found two inthe last month after not seeing any for a year. I try to keep the house tidy and everything but with a two year old and crumbs and being 9 months pregnant, I just can't scrub all the time...
Per month: Rent---$1500 Health Insurance---$350 Car Insurance---$122 Electricity---$50 Cable---(internet, no TV)$30 Cellphone---$80 Water---$15
Does anyone else get pretty sever headaches after doing these inversions?
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