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Yes, Chris - the same as the TP swaps, basically - I figured that would work best...as long as the items you are ISO are things that mamas can make, you are all clear! I am going to ask that when people email me their choices they also include the things they'll intend to make - so that we don't have one person getting four boxes of soap (not that *I* would complain) :LOL
We talked about doing this earlier in the year - but what do you think about doing a Winter Holiday Craft Shop/Swap? We post what we are ISO - all crafty/handmade, etc --- and then pick people (how ever many we can handle) with a supply value of - hmm - I dunno? $10? (Granted the "value" of the finished object would be more - but supplies shouldn't cost too much) You can pick more than one, of course - and more than one per person if you want to send something more...
Sorry - the morning sickness has me floored - and off the boards most times. I'm trying to get this organized still - let me go through the list and pair up people - then I'll post here - on this thread - hopefully by day's end. Thanks for your patience.
- it won't connect for me. It keeps saying "disconnected at IRC" or whatever the stupid thing says
Just FYI strollers get dirty quickly - they're used outside and kiddos often snack in them and such. It makes life easier to have a darker fabric that doesn't show stains and wear. We had a lighter fabric with my first DD - never again. While the black and grey fabric combinations are quite hot right now in the European strollers - the sporty look - there is also a trend among the mainstreamers to have the sage/tan/natural combinations. Think Graco, Evenflo,...
the intended name for our bebe: Berlin
OMG STOP IT!!!!! that sweet boy!!!!
s Welcome back Linda and let us know if there is anything we can do. We're all so sorry for your loss.
T No fluffy mail - but I miss you, Lori!! Where you been, girl?
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