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After 5 months of being pseudo-homeless, I'm signing the lease for my new rental on Friday! It's a pretty blank slate at this point. I have a storage unit full of stuff, much of which I plan to sell, but I want to figure out what I do want to keep and use first!    About the space: It's a one bedroom apartment, about 500 square feet. There's a tiny 3/4 bath off the bedroom, a tiny closet in the bedroom, and a small laundry room. It was converted from a garage space and...
www.pacificnights.org/about/ is his website. Thanks for asking!
Have you looked into Pod-style moving? We used Door to Door when we moved from Chicago to Seattle and it was about $1500 for one of their storage containers. UPack is also pretty cheap. 
If your back is killing you, you won't want to sit on the couch for snuggles anyways. What about making your bed or bedroom into a snuggle zone with some big pillows etc so you can all lounge there comfortably together?
Maybe just emailing and saying that with what is going on in your life right now you don't have the space to commit to the relationship with them. That you're nesting in with your newborn and really don't have space to see them until x date (2-3 months from now?)
I contacted LLL in my area and the LLL Professional Liason in my area felt like they couldn't contribute to the case and that bringing up breastfeeding could do more harm than good. They gave me some other resources that I could provide to the GAL, but weren't willing to write up a declaration summarizing the information and applying it to our specific situation. :(
Thank you!    My family lawyer said that as it is a disability that they shouldn't be able to hold it against me, but all the lay people I've talked to seem to disagree. So I'm trying to get a few more opinions. 
I'd like to join in here. At the moment I'm No Income.    I recently exited an abusive relationship. Ex managed to get temporary custody of our son, and with all the turmoil, my 8 year old daughter is living 2000 miles away with her father. Working on getting both of those things changed.    I'm feeling blessed to have a free place to stay with the friend of an acquaintance through June. Hoping to find something of my own sooner than that of course, but having a warm,...
I wrote this a few months after my son was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder where he can't be exposed to UV light. I thought others here on the special needs parenting forum might relate to the emotions I've had to cope with.   Snippets Snippets of anger trickle into my life. When I drive and see the mothers with the strollers, The father wearing the baby, The children walking around in shorts and flip flops. Snippets of anger trickle into my life When I go...
I wrote this a few months after my son was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder where he can't be exposed to UV light. He's still alive, so I don't fit into the grief forum in the same way as others here probably, but there still is a lot of grief. Grief that his life will be shortened because of this disease. Grief for what he won't get to experience. Grief for the way the rest of the family's lives have and will continue to be changed.    Snippets Snippets of anger...
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