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I feel like I've done this before... I just gave birth to my third premie, a 28 weeker (28 weeks, 6 days) who weighed an amazing 1460 grams/3 lbs 3 oz (thanks to a few weeks of bedrest!) this past Friday. I am still in shock. Just thought I'd say "hello" again. This is my third little boy, and his name is Nathan.
I don't talk about it unless I know the person is questioning the issue. DH brings it up sometimes, and then I'm stuck in heated conversation for who-knows-how-long. but DH thinks that I need to be more confident discussing it (I am VERY confident with our decision, but sometimes have a hard time articulating it when I'm confronted about it), so I think he does it on purpose...
I was vaccinated, though I reacted to the DTP - i think - and had to get half-doses. DH was fully vaxed. Both of our families (with the exception of my sister and BIL, who are expecting their first and are strongly considering not vaxing ) have a hard time with our decision not to vaccinate our children.
I'll be thinking about you! I also have a high-risk pregnancy, and was at the hospital last week (at 21 1/2 weeks) for an emergent cerclage because my cervix had shortened significantly in a couple of weeks. I have since then been having contractions, but so far, it looks like my cervix has stayed about the same since my surgery (one week ago today). I am not on bedrest, but have to be very careful and make sure to rest whenever I have the contractions. Which is a fair...
it has been a long while since i've posted here, or anywhere on MDC! i am Asher's mommy, who was born at 30 weeks last December. i am expecting again, and this pregnancy seemed to be going so much better. but now at 21 weeks, my OB had me come in early for my appointment today because she didn't like the look of my cervix (i have ultrasounds every 3 weeks). she checked it today and it has indeed shortened (quite a bit - but thankfully, it hasn't dilated), so I am...
I'm also a nursing mama! I'm actually just weaning my 3-year-old and hope to continue nursing my 16-month-old through the pregnancy, as I did with DS1. I am taking blessed thistle and marshmallow to help keep up, which seemed to help a little bit with my last pregnancy. I do remember it being very, very low for quite some time, though, and I'm not looking forward to that! Any other suggestions to keep up my supply during pregnancy?
Hi! I'm Karen! I am the mama of two sweet little boys and am now expecting baby #3! I've finally decided to join you here. I couldn't decide whether i wanted to join this DDC or January...I am due January 10, but I have gone early with both of my boys (36 and 30 weeks) and will likely be scheduled for a c-section ( - i have a bicornuate uterus; my babies are always breech; after a failed attempt at vaginal breech delivery, my last c-section delivery involved a...
i'm here, too!
thanks for sharing! i had not seen that! it was beautiful!!!
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