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in Ontario now, hmmm? my SIL told me on Sunday that there was a huge outbreak in Nova Scotia, and a just few cases in Pickering, ON. is it bad that i'm not really concerned? .... i don't really want my 5-month-old ex-preemie to get it right now... but i guess he wouldn't be vaxed for it, anyway...
hi! i'm a total newbie, too. i'm not even certain what i'm going to grow. i have a spot picked out at my parents' house but need to get started on preparing it...(but my sister's wedding is next week, so we've all been busy getting ready for that...). i'm in ontario, canada, so we can't start planting yet anyway, but time is flying... any suggestions for a newbie? what kind of vegetables/fruit are easy for a beginner? growing up, my parents had beans and...
i only got to about page 13...i'm amazed that this thread is 197 pages long! i've had a few doozies, but instead i wanted to share a story of a really nice older man that i came across at my sister's stag and doe a few weeks ago... "your baby, he's not crying...you know why? because you hold him" (i was wearing him in the Mei Tai) "he knows his mommy and he loves to have you close by" and a little bit later on that evening... "do you take that baby to bed with...
Amy's California Burgers - organic, made of vegetables instead of soy protein, and absolutely DELISH! they do contain tree nuts (walnuts), for those who have to think about nut allergies. http://www.amys.com/products/categor...rod_category=1
did you feel like you were kidnapping your baby when you finally left the hospital? i know i did!
has anyone else heard of this? my cousin said her friend had a preemie, born at 29 weeks, i think, and that she tried all the meds but eventually went natural...and that the acidophillus really worked. my questions are... have any of you heard of this or tried this? what kind (form) of acidophillus do give to an infant? are there non-dairy versions of a form suitable for infants? thanks! p.s. asher is off his meds now (as per his ped.), but he still has some...
i don't know if it's different since Adara was preemie, or if it's the exact same thing, but my sister's SIL's daughter, who is 3, has had these "no-breathing" spells since she was a baby...when she gets upset, she cries until she stopps breathing and passes out. they are getting a little concerned now, because she should have outgrown it by now, but apparently it is a condition that some children have, and they grow out of it.
welcome! i'm from the hamilton area!
Quote: Originally Posted by caiesmommy LUCKY YOU In canada its illegal for a dr to say anything but positive things about vax if they do and get reported they'll lose there liscence(healthcares covered by government). Really suxs!!! Our drs kinda let go of trying to force us to i think hes given up!! Lol i didn't know that...that's terrible!
i don't know if this is the best place for this... i'm really interested in buying fair trade clothing, etc...but am having hard time finding good resources online. any input? i'm in canada, so i would especially love any canadian resources. thanks!
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