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In Corvallis, try the Play Factory (at the Toy Factory)! 442 Southwest 2nd Street Corvallis, OR 97333-4446 (541) 758-5415 A few bucks to get in, kids can play (warm, dry, safe & complete with bathrooms!), and get their hands stamped in case you want to come back after wandering down the street for some pizza (American Dream) or light lunch/pastries/coffee (New Morning Bakery). Best of luck at the interview!
This woman has an amazingly inspirational blog about her weight loss and journey into health. I thought you might enjoy reading it if you haven't seen it already. I predict she will write a book one day! http://escapefromobesity.blogspot.com/
After burning through 2 hairdryers (and worrying constantly about the fire hazard) we downloaded something off of iTunes (I think the album is Lullaby Land). I eventually switched to the extractor fan noise b/c it wasn't as high pitched as the hair-dryer noise. DH used garage band to lengthen the track so it was longer than 5 min. Other than losing my time-gauge, it's worked out great! People who come over are always like "what is that weird noise?!?"
Has he by chance had a steroid injection? I had one once and had a big dent where there was some muscle atrophy at the site of the injection. It was weird. Didn't hurt or feel weird or anything - just looked strange. Eventually it went away (or filled out).
I have two beautiful children who were gestated while on Zoloft, so it worked well for me! I was also on Wellbutrin for a short while during the first one, but stopped near the end of pregnancy. Anyway, a colleague of mine has an incredible website. He's an all-around great guy and an amazing psychiatrist. He has a great push for exercise, and the information will probably translate to pregnant people, as well. Here's the bit on exercise and mood: ...
I know a family who has a 2 year old son who is deaf and is receiving ECI services to learn to sign. Their older child is in preschool with a child of mine. They are a sweet, sweet family who came from Mexico not all that long ago and are learning English in addition to ASL. We were just sitting at the preschool yesterday going over some signs with the little boy and his big brother. It was adorable. They own a local business - PM me if you'd like to know...
I resorted to bribes. I made a picture poster to hang by DS's bed so that he could look at it and see exactly what he needs to do. Get out of bed, take off pull- up, put pull-up in trash, get dressed, go downstairs. I had to do this b/c he usually wakes up when I'm trying to get DS#2 down for a nap and it made me crazy that DS#1, who is almost 5, would lie in his bed and whine for me to come in and take his pull-up off of him while I'm trying to get the baby to...
The Hungry Hippie? Or does that sound too much like the hungry hippos? (btw, I would totally eat at the Dirty Hippie - I think it sounds awesome)
Oh, good! I hope it's working well for you! We were discussing ACT awhile back... http://www.mothering.com/discussions...itment+therapy
Who is prescribing the clomipramine? Just curious, as it's quite effective for OCD but also quite old school. A more current therapy regimen is usually a SSRI combined with short term benzos (eg ativan, xanax). The benzodiazepines are used to get you through the acute anxiety until the SSRI takes effect - usually at least 6-8 weeks and at a pretty high dose. Interesting note - some people reported a side effect of Anafranil as orgasm while yawning. So watch out...
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