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What dose is he currently on? Anxiety disorders usually respond better to higher doses (Prozac can go up to 80 mg daily). That being said, try and give it a few more weeks - usually a difference starts to be more noticable around 6-8 weeks. The half life of Prozac is so long that it won't matter if you split the dose - IMO will just be a hassle and increase the chances of missing a dose. Good luck and hope this helps your son!
Couldn't read and not post - I cannot imagine how vulnerable you would feel after such an experience. My mom (who is in her 60s) was pretty rattled after her recent melanoma dx but I can imagine it how it would have affected her 30+ years ago when she had little ones. Sounds like you might be having some PTSD-like symptoms. Would it be possible to see a therapist to discuss some of these issues that have come up in relation to your cancer? If nothing else, you...
I think we're in the running for farthest projectile vomiting? The other day DS vomited over my shoulder and managed to hit DS1's shoe that was several feet away and the wall behind us. Impressive.
I could never get mine to hold up my unbuttoned pants. Wearing the band over the pants just didn't work for me. However, the thing did work well to wear *under* the maternity pants that don't have a full panel (blanking on what they are called - but they're the ones that are always falling down). Somehow they gave some "grip" and kept my pants up! I use it now, too, to cover up my muffin top when I'm nursing, esp when wearing low rise pants. I think the one I...
I second the stomp rockets!
iTunes has an album of baby-friendly noises (ours likes the hairdryer - go figure) called Lullaby Land. You can buy the whole album or just a track. We blast the iPod through speakers next to DS's head all night and it works like a dream!
I'm sitting here with my 2 boys - both had Zoloft while in the womb - one is 4.5 and the other is 5 weeks. Both are healthy and happy, and so is mama! I know I would have been completely miserable without the Zoloft (100 mg daily), and DP would have been as well. If it were me I'd want to nip it in the bud and not let the depression get worse. Like you said, there's also the worry of postpartum depression. Would she consider at least trying it for a few weeks and...
I've been taking Unisom and Zoloft for quite awhile now with no adverse effects. A quick call to a pharmacist (like a PP suggested) to confirm would probably ease your mind, though!
Oooh, no, you should not have to suffer like that! I was still getting monthly migraines during the 1st trimester (weird, I know) and the midwives Rx'd me Fioricet. Of course it didn't take it away completely (what does?) but helped me relax and took the edge off. Once I got permission to take a Percocet (that I take for migraines when not pg) b/c it was so bad. They should also be able to Rx something for nausea (like Zofran or Phenergan) if you have severe...
Oh, you will love it here! Try doing a search for "Corvallis" and you will get tons of useful info, esp re. schools. I think there are quite a few threads, actually. Check it out and let me know if you have any more specific questions!
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