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Click on the link where it lists the name of the survey! I just did it (without getting up to pee - wow!). It was very interesting. I love surveys! :
William George What a beautiful, beautiful boy with such a thick head of hair! Thank you so much for sharing his gorgeous photos with us. Sending much love and light your way...
That's basically what the MW told me today! She said something like "when I have to stick my hand up into your throat like that it means..."
I cannot imagine the depth of your grief. My heart hurts for you and your entire family. beautiful Soren
Oh, you poor thing! I am a nurse and seeing that sort of thing would have the exact same effect on me. In fact, I think you kept it together pretty well. I think the main point is how SAD it is in this country that we are so worried about paying for healthcare that it's so easy to get into a situation like that. Hmmmm, bankruptcy/losing everything or catastrophic illness/death? We should NOT have to make choices like that. Hang in there. It was a very scary...
Yes! for the past week and a half or so I've had this disturbing pattern: poopy, poopy, constipated. poopy, poopy, constipated. poopy, poopy, constipated. It's driving me *nuts*! At first I was all excited that things were moving along but noooooooooo. Just repeating that durn pattern!
I love Elan for a boy!
I don't think there are any, actually. This is because most of the problems associated with the breathing are because of the position (lying down) and the relaxation of the muscles in the head, throat, etc. while you're asleep. (does that make sense? I'm not totally awake yet!). Maybe the only physical symptoms would be those that are associated with chronic sleep deprivation such as headaches, stomachaches, maybe weight gain...things like that.
There are physical therapists that specialize in pelvic floor therapy. I have a friend that does this and she sees patients of all ages - so don't feel like you're the only one!
Sorry you're going through such a rough time. You know, I've been up to 200mg in the past. I don't think while I was was pg but if that's what you have to do and your provider is on board then it's okay. You could try 125 and see how you're feeling before you bump it up to 150. You might also ask about augmentation with Wellbutrin instead - I took that for awhile during pg. A low dose will help boost the effects of the Zoloft. Kudos for working through things...
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