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I'd recommend calling the doc or nurse line. Most likely they will tell you to watch for excessive sleepiness, vomiting, or seizures which could indicate a more serious injury. Head bumps are scary! DS got one once in the middle of a department store and I thought for sure he would have a concussion or *something* horrible. But nope, just a huge (green & purple) goose egg for awhile.
DH works in the medical field, and says that they're all okay around here. Nobody to specifically recommend or to avoid, in his opinion. Wish I could be a little more helpful, but that's all I've got!
Check out acceptance-commitment therapy! It was life-changing for me (sounds cheesy, but it's true). www.contextualpsychology.org Basically, you learn to work *with* your mind, instead of against it. It uses components of CBT, but also lots of eastern concepts. I think there's a thread about it a few pages back. Surprisingly, I'm more relaxed as a parent than I ever thought I'd be. It's kind of strange, actually. I didn't do the therapy until DS was 2 or so,...
how about a cop out with: the Jones family?
We have one that DH primarily drives and we've been very happy with it. I don't remember what year it is...probably a 2003? It's pretty useful, and you can fit quite a bit of stuff in the back. And the little picnic table is really cool! The only complaint I have about it is that it is loud, esp with highway driving. Have fun car shopping!
I had this after DS was born. It is NOT fun! Easiest thing that I did was get one of those "donut" pillows (or sit on the boppy!). It leaves a hole for the area where your coccyx is so it doesn't hurt so badly. Let me know if you find something that gives you relief!
DS has been wearing the same shirt for four days :
Was it REI? Or Sundance? Gosh, I totally saw that but can't remember which one it was in. eta: was it this one? http://www.rei.com/product/781229
Oh Rainbow, that is a wonderful idea! I have been trying to figure out for years how to use the light box while chasing DS around. That sounds like such a nice, gentle way to wake up. Now if I can only discipline myself to do it!
Excellent! Sounds like you guys made a great plan! Have you been on Lithium before? It's THE most studied and best (and cheapest!) drug for bipolar d/o out there. Here's to NO side effects and a great response!
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