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The one great thing about him is that he is so transparent. There's no doubt who has his interest/concern.
Wow. That's crazy. Pretty sad that our lives are ruled by whoever can pay for getting things done their way.
I think it's 16" across (between shop press bars) and 8" wide. Keep in mind the pressure requirement increases as die size increases.
gang die would be awesome and probably less waste but the forms would be too large to work with the shop press (cutting surface accommodates one of the large liner dies) Could be an option for the smaller shapes though! I'll think about what might be possible. Thanks!
Yikes I wouldn't have the patience for that. No way would they get to stay that long. My MIL and FIL aren't even 'invited' for more than a couple of days. I got my limits. It's better for all of us... lol
I get the reason why they are checking for this . What I don't get is why they would interfere anyway. Here's a quote from Dr Sears: Quote: Commonly during the first year or two you may notice that the slit-like opening in your daughter's vagina begins to close. Mention this to your doctor during your baby's regular checkup. Called labial adhesions , this condition occurs because the sides of the vaginal opening are so close to each other that they begin...
Okay this is probably kind of an ignorant question but if the adhesion isn't noticable (in other words doesn't affect current function such as urinating, etc.) and in the majority of cases resolves itself as the child grows (much like the male foreskin being fused with the glans) why would something need to be done, creams or pressure or otherwise, etc. Couldn't you just wait and see if it detaches over time? I mean I can see intervention would be necessary if the child...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cherry Alive Vaginal adhesions are rarely a big deal. Most go away on their own by the time the child is an adult (usually waaaay sooner), and they don't really need to be separated unless the little girl is having difficulty peeing or getting infections. I've read a lot experiences of parents having their DDs' labias torn by doctors during these exams (to remove adhesions) without warned or told—leaving a bleeding and/or...
Can you make things? My home business has been great for me. It took awhile to really get going but I enjoy it very much. In the beginning I only made a couple hundret a month but I've been in business for over 2 years now and my product is now pretty well known -even have a lot of overseas sales, etc. so it's 'rel' income now. It pays for the kids' college funds, hobbies, clothing, etc. I have my own website now but starting out Hyena Cart was a great spring board for my...
I change diapers in the car as well - until they're out of diapers. No idea about the peanut thing but I don't think it would hurt to ask. I didn't know you could use the school playground to play. We have lots of public playgrounds here so I considered the school playground 'unpublic'
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