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Dinty Moore beef stew-uugh!!!! Dh is meat and potatoes he hates veggies(unless they come from a can) My daughter and I are vegetarians,so dinners are such a pain at our house. To make things easy on me dh informed he loves Dinty Moore over egg noodles. I thought alright I can handle that, untill I opened the can! That stuff looks nasty, smells nasty, and there is just something wrong with beef from a can ( if that's even what it is, you sure can't tell from looking)...
Thanks everyone!Iwill continue dairy free but I am not sure I can do wheat free,I will If nothing changes soon. I'm going to try massage. I believe he is getting hindmilk because I pump a lot while nursing and can see the thick white milk. (This is hindmilk right?) I am curious about the reason to give pedialyte, isn't that usually used for hydration?(like during bouts of diarrhea, I believe: he's gets enough hydration from bm)Thanks for all the suggestions
Okay you guys maybe I'm worrying too much but It's been like seven days since last bm. I haven't had dairy, tried cherry juice, increased fluids but nothing changed. I had to work last night so mom watched ds. I work one night a week from 8pm-2:30am so she puts him to bed. I give her pumped milk to feed him. Since his irregularity started my mom has had a hard time getting him to sleep. She said it seems like he has really bad belly aches. Night time is usually very...
I am such a dork!!! I didn't know what you meant by TTC, I thought it was some chemical free lifestyle change that I had never heard of. I was going to ask but was embarressed that I didn't know what you were talking about. Now I really feel foolish Hee hee hee. Anyways thanks again everyone!!!! Best wishes Lisa_Lynn
Okay Here goes, Houston do we have color? Yay!!!!! I feel so pretty !!!!!! thanks everyone !!!!!!!!!
I wrote a post about two weeks ago about ds being constipated. Well he is not really constipated but has become very irregular. It has been four days since his last bm. It does seem to bother him on about the third or fourth day. I took the advice of one mama and stopped eating dairy, which has seemed to lessen the bellyaches. Anyways, I was at doctors this morning, he did not seemed concerned but suggested giving ds a little prune juice. He's only 3 months old and my...
I'm sorry I didn't explain myself correctly. ds and dd came because the lack of any birthcontrol. I had been on the pill but hated taking it. Iwon't even take aspirin and here I was taking this daily pill. Both times time I had taken a stand and said "I will not put this junk in my body, your (dh) just going to have to use a condem".....but you know how that goes. Dh is going to "get fixed" but I know that isn't effective immediatly so I guess we'll have to rely on...
[color=purple]Hey thanks everyone, I think I've got the hang of it. [/color=purple] [color=limegreen] Stay tuned for piximamason's upcomoing accessorized posts[/color=limegreen] Okay, I still am not getting color, I feel so blah:
I am enjoying this thread so much, I really needed a good laugh. I was at my mom's the other day and saw bacon that doesn't need refrigerated, I don't think you even have to cook it. I almost lost my veggie lunch. Tried to tell mom how bad thats goota be for you but she would have none of my phanaticness (It's late, I'm making up my own words) She says the bacon is good-yuck!! Luckily I also found the blue mac and cheese and the kool aid before she could feed it to dd.:
I got how to copy and paste a quote from post but I'm not sure how to change color, font, size etc.:
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