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We have been studying the oceans and ocean life. But we are about to start something new. I haven't really decided what yet. I am thinking we will probably keep schooling through the summer. After homeschooling for preschool last year we did no sit down work all summer, and it was so hard for us to get back into the groove of things. 
We bought Calvert material used for Kindergarten this year. It is great if you want the type of material that is all laid out for you, basically telling you exactly what to say to your child. I found that the material was all on the easy side for my son. We decided to use it anyway along with a lot of reading aloud books from the library. But I am for sure looking for something different for next year.  At this point we are hardly using the materials. 
Signed up! Thanks for sharing!
We are on list 3 and they have been rolling in here!! My son is so excited each day when I go to the mail! I'm saving them all until Monday! :)
We missed all the drama too. We just got back from vacation and ours went in the mail today! :)
There are hayride and big giant slides at the Burke Nursery's Pumpkin Patch and Playground. We went there last year. It was a bit pricey on the weekends, I think it's $12 a person! They have a website.
There is a Chapter book set of the Magic School Bus? I'm not sure I have seen that! Where did you find them? Stuart Little was the first Chapter book we read to our son! It's still one of his favorites!
We are finally getting more in the routine of this whole kindergarten thing. My son started a weekly co-op last week, and loved it so much we decided to sign up for another day too. He had so much anxiety about the co-op I am glad he seems to be enjoying it. (so far at least) We just added science to our list of studies. We are starting with the senses. We reserved the Magic School Bus book about the senses at our library, and will pick it up tomorrow!
How long have you been homeschooling? This is our first year, but we did preschool at home too! How old are your children? Ds is 5 What grades would they be in? Kindergarten Describe your homeschooling style in 5 words or less: still figuring it all out What's your favorite book or piece of curriculum that you have for this year? Reading classic children's stories to my son. What outside activities are your children doing this year? He is going to a...
What did you read?
New Posts  All Forums: