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Yup, I remember you! I have friends who live in Zeeland/Holland. I have been hoping you would feel better to rejoin us, and I am very happy to read you are better enough to join in. ...sorry about the continuing m/s though July will be here quickly, but in the between time, I hope you are getting to enjoy some of your pregnancy.
Phaedra Storm- I know a Phaedra and her baby sister Storm Graveyards-I have a facination with them and names on the stones. One of my many "hometowns" is a stone dating back to the 1880's at the base of a gargantuan old oak. That is 5 y/o Lily Oyer's tree. I've taken my Lily to Lily O's tree. I think that Lily O was the start of my love for the name Lily and its various forms. The tree and name symbolizes to me "out of death and sadness, great strength and life...
mirena. besides the initial spotting (unfortunately for me 2 months of on/off spotting) i did not get a period. I LOATHE my period. It isnt painful nor do I get pms-y, I just loathe the squishy messiness of it and fear of leaks. The iud took that away. It lasts for many years, and if we change our minds, it is quickly reversable. 1 1/2 months after it was removed, we conceived. Im pretty sure we are done, but Im not ready to permanently give up our fertility, ya know?
DH, I *think* is done. This is #2 for him but #4 for me. I have savored #2, #3, & this one as lasts so if it is the last, I suppose I will be ok. I will be 34 end of June so *if* we had another, I would be the dreaded advanced maternal age 5 kids sounds like a nice number, but we will see what this little one "says", and 4 is nice too
What you described is exactly what I got done treating. The prophyllaxis abx I got for my gall bladder surgery gave me a RAGING y/i with the peeling itchy skin on my upper thighs. I wanted to itchy/dig my girly bits off! I did the oral and vag yogurt for the past week and I am healed and clear. The plain cold yogurt felt heavenly and I spackled it on frequently. Sounds like your method works too, so stick with what ya know, hopefully you feel relief soon!
Answer#3 had me laughing so hard I had to run to the bathroom and got a BH cntrx at the same time! by far thee best snark thus far!!!
Hoping you and babies are ok! My recent gall bladder issues started as chest pain that wrapped around my right rib cage and spearpointed itself in my spine. Breathing was difficult and painful. Chest pain is scary, I went in almost right away. I will be stalking...er.. checking this thread frequently for updates
I love the name Elizabeth too, as my middle name is a form of it, Lizbet. However due to ahh, um, not so favorite extended family member whose excrement does not stink naming their newborn Elizabeth, I cannot use it Bummer because I have a super awesome Aunt Liz whom I wouldn't mind naming baby after her. I didn't know about the country band Glorianna. Thanks for the heads up. Bummer, as i am not a fan of country at all. When lil Shanias started popping up all around me...
Laughing my butt off! I get the following questions often, & throughout ALL of my pregnancies. Them: Do you know what you're having? Me: A baby. *smiling* Them: (dumbfounded look, *blink, blink*) Well I ment are you finding out if you're having a boy or a girl? Me: Yes we are, on their birth day. *still sweetly smiling* Them: Uhh, ok. (changes subject usually) Them: Do you need "X unnecessary/unwanted (by me) baby item" &/or Formula X? Me: (grateful, graceful non snarky)...
*Isabella *Isadora *Annabella *Aubrianna, Audrianna *Gabriella *Glorianna *Gwendolyn *Josephina *Julianna *Vivianna Obviously Anna and names ending in "a" are favs All names and their various nicknames go well with our last name. Middle name will be a flowery/plant name like Rose, Violet, Jasmine, Ivy, Daisy, et cetera to "go with" DD Lily as she has requested it.
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