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I am, after all, notoriously naughty.
We right quite a bit to tv. Often, we get some great responses. We've written before to KGW and the person who responds to us is equally as bored. It's always a riot.
I'm fed up with KGW's weather team... Dear KGW Lackey, Ron Pedersen is the biggest tool when doing the weather forecast. His demeanor is as smooth as sandpaper. Our most recent encounter with him left us feeling the need to contact you urgently. He used the term "snows" to refer to there being snow in the mountain passes. I quote, "Tomorrow will bring snows to the Cacades. Especially the mountains South of Mt. Hood." If he's going to speak like that, he should...
Quote: Originally Posted by kaPOW! Quick drive-by as it's interrupting my snuggle time: Nico had a Great Day!!!! :
Quote: Originally Posted by aniT Isn't it lovely? And I kinda get the feeling that stores aren't taking this stuff back. They want you to destroy it. I can kinda understand their point, but they should send it back to the manufacturer who should be more careful who they buy from. Why should I get the short end of the stick? Costco took our stuff back and gave us cash. I did not have a receipt and they didn't even look up my membership. They...
The professional letters are cracking me up : I like Karen's letter.
Spend it all with Mamanurse.
Lee- You're not slacking. There's nothing wrong with not taking your child in to the doc if there's nothing wrong with your child AAP's opinion on development
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