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Hi mama! I was in the March 07 ddc too and dd was born in April too! Lol! I remember posting in the april updates thread after she was born b/c I was so brain dead from no sleep!
I think brand must make a difference...I measured 7 squares today at 5 1/2 weeks...and that's a square adn a half LESS than at 4 1/2 weeks!! Not that I'm not thrilled...but I REALLY doubt I lost a square and a half in a week of pregnancy - no matter HOW many veggies I ate!
Quote: Originally Posted by amj'smommy : I was in the March 07 ddc also... although my guy was born 4/6 and I'm back again too!!! : That's so great!!! Quote: Originally Posted by citymomstl Still amazed and thrilled! Can't seem to stop smiling . . . : So much so my dh thinks something is wrong with me. Apparently I was way more cranky with the first! Or maybe he is just remembering the debilitating fatigue that has yet...
Hi mamas!! My name is Ellie, married 4 yrs this Aug to dh Tom - we have an almost 3 yr old Jamie (James) and a 15mo old dd Marin. Jamie was a hospital birth with WAY too much interference so we decided to go hb for Marin and LOVED it!!! She was a waterbirth too which was nice! We're definitely planning for the same with this one - although my mind toys with an unassisted...pretty sure dh would freak. I love to act, direct, write, read, bake, swing dance, knit,...
People are going to mess up her name regardless (not b/c of the name itself, but b/c people tend to mess up names no matter how they are spelled) - so I would go with how you like it!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by shanahan And, on a personal note, I think I am bidding you ladies farewell and good luck!! I have had 2 betas done and my numbers are progressing nicely so I am very hopeful and optimistic that we have a sticky baby on our hands!! Best of luck everyone - hope you join the due date clubs very very soon!! thanks for all of your support, advice, etc!! -See you in the March ddc!!! Quote: Originally...
Thanks mamas!!! You make me want to cry!!! (What? Hormones? NOOO! It can't be that! I'm not THAT pregnant!
8 1/2 squares at 4 1/2 weeks! Yikes!!! That's what a lot of you are at 8 weeks!!! And the trip begins!! LoL!
Quote: Originally Posted by Katica Praise the Lord!! BFP BFP BFP :: and it was clear as day. A very definite, strong line... - HOORAY!!!! ::: Praise God indeed!!! Quote: Originally Posted by Lit Chick Congrats to all the newly expecting mamas! Hope to be one of you, sometime after AF arrives... who knows when. Any of you get baby fever early (DS is only 8 mos) and fantasize about weaning or formula just so you can...
Thanks! Can you believe we're here citymomstl???
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