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Quote: Originally Posted by jamsmama Hoppytoad, where are you? I'm in Chester, VT. I'm in Clarendon, and I'm embarrassed to say I have no idea where Chester is. lol Off to Google it now...
We moved to our current town last July. I only have one friend so far, and she's super nice but also very mainstream, and we've only ever hung out once. Our daughters are friends, so that's how I know her. It seems like I'm always too shy to initiate any kind of actual meeting with people I may find online. Making friends has always been so tough for me! The internet makes it much easier for me to be open, and it's hard to take it beyond that into real life. My other...
Welcome to Vermont! I'm south of Rutland.
Thank you both!
We just got the kids enrolled in Dr. Dynasaur and we have to pick a PCP in the area. We are non-vaxers, use herbs/homeopathics, and I'm still nursing my 3 year old. Are there any doctors in the area that are tolerant (even better would be supportive) of these choices that accept the state health insurance? We're willing to drive a ways if we have to. I'm also looking for a dentist. Our youngest has had decay issues, and our previous dentist in Pennsylvania was an ass...
nak... michelle, i make the psss sound for poop and pee. sounds like you're doing great with ec. soon enough he'll be strong enough for you to hold him on a little potty. i bet he'll like that more. with dd i used to hold her on the big potty too. I'd sit down, then hold her in front of me. not sure if it'd work with a newborn, though. take care!
Hey everyone.. I haven't been around much since Abel was born.. he'll be three weeks on Wed. Life has been crazy and wonderful at the same time around here. There are 7 people in the house now... but we did have 10 for 3 weeks while my sister and her 2 children were here to visit. She arrived the evening after Abel was born. It was so awesome having her here... and it will be hard to adjust without her being around. It doesn't help that my hormones are making me very...
Born at 7:20 this AM, the 31st. He has no name yet, but he's perfect! Our best estimate of his weight is 7.3 (we used a fish scale to measure) and we haven't measured his length yet. He was born face-up. In the fishy pool. I think his position is what made my labor such a nightmare. Anyway, that's all over now. Thank the Lord! Must go lie down! Oh, he nurses like a champ! More details to follow as soon as I'm able.
Oh, and I've been using the bathroom regularly. Even emptied my bowels. I'm eating, staying hydrated, moving around, taking naps, etc.. I can usually count on a contraction if I lie down on my side.
thanks for your replies. I'm not holding my baby yet. It's comforting to feel him/her move around some, but contractions are still sporadic. What can I do? Do people actually labor, complete with cervical changes, for days on end? This is emotionally and physcially exhausting.
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