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Oh Man.  Please do something.  We have a dog and she's indoors most of the time, but if she does bark when she's outside we bring her in.  Our new neighbors have 2 dogs that they leave outside the majority of the time and now, 5 out of 7 days a week, I'm awakened at 6AM because their dogs bark.  And bark and bark.  It's making me seriously cranky and I'm glad to be moving soon.   But they aren't trying to fix anything with them.  They go out and yell STFU at them. ...
I tease my husband about wanting a Brother Husband.
Is she vomiting when she's having her pain?  My daughter has Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome and takes a Belladonna-Phenobarbital mixture.  It cut her vomiting last cycle to 9 times over 24 hours.  They don't have good migraine meds for kids.
So that was it until Fall?  We see the houses and get told Robin is pregnant and then just.....  This season was weird.  I hope they get back to regular programming if the show comes back next fall.  It was too hard to follow and stay interested with all the skipping weeks.
I found like 53 then I needed help and googled a walkthrough  
I am excited.  I need to restart HBO.
if you do swagbucks there is an offer for 160 swagbucks if you complete the groupon through the SB link.
I like the show, but I am having trouble staying interested with how often they take 2-3 week breaks between episodes.
I couldn't stand the mom on this last episode either.  Her deadpan, expressionless face as her daughter asks for help and she says "Well, I tried", made me really angry.  Charging them rent, too.  I wanted to yell at the TV that the mom was still responsible for taking care of her daughter and needed to provide basics like food and a place to live.  If I were the girl, I"d not have the boyfriend pay rent and just have him over when the mom wasn't there, which was...
I'm annoyed with the new Eric development.  Heck maybe Sookie will end up with Pam.  I <3 Pam
New Posts  All Forums: