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Has she used a handheld doppler or fetoscope to listen for placenta sounds to help ascertain where it is?  You can at the very least get a good feeling of high or low to know if you should take the next step to a sono.
Most of the time for me, I just use the term "home birth" and hope that settles it.  Strangely though, the majority of people go on to ask if there was a midwife there! I always find that odd - I figured it would be an unspoken assumption.  I'm not comfortable with straight lying, and I've done it twice now already, so I do go ahead and answer the questions, but depending on who it is, I tend to hedge and say as little as possible.    It usually ends with them...
Alenushka, you only seem to visit the UC forum to fear-monger and to talk down to others.  I simply don't understand the point of it all.  I've been watching it for some time now, and truly, I do not know what you hope to accomplish.
Um, yes.  No one is *choosing* to retain a placenta.  It comes when it comes... but some have had to wait a longer amount of time - by no choice of their own - for it to release and come out. 
I felt myself getting drawn into the warm fuzzy of it... but then it just felt so.... dismissive.  Didn't sit right. 
What a wonderful story! From your telling of it, it's obvious how much research and planning and care you put into being prepared as a FTM.  That's awesome!  Very happy for you both.
ITA.  I think the sense of a loss of control can be one of the greatest harbingers of disappointment about the birth, regardless of how everything ultimately turns out or what was planned for or idealized.
My last took 5 hours, which was the longest ever in my 5 baby history.  I had very little bleeding while I waited though, so while I was beginning to get concerned, I wasn't ready to transfer.  We were just beginning to discuss transfer plans (UC) when it finally came out. 
Chicken broth was great for me - comfort food, nourishing, and not too messy if it comes up!
I think that birth can still be 'perfect' although it was imperfect.   My last two births - UC's - one was a 42 hour labor w/ a posterior baby. One was a 41 hour labor w/ a nearly 10 lb baby.  They were HARD and I definitely would have preferred not to have such lengthy labors, and positioning issues, but I still consider them perfect, even in their imperfection.   If YOU are happy w/ your birth, excellent!  And if you weren't, that's ok too.  Do what you need to...
New Posts  All Forums: