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It's a waste to get that great Stockmar watercolor paint if you don't get cold-pressed watercolor paper.  I order ours through our school who purchase from a Waldorf whole seller.  But any high quality watercolor as long as it's cold-pressed it great for wet-on-wet painting like the children learn.
My kids attend a charter Waldorf in Orangevale and we have TONS of out of district kids.  Feel free to message me if you have specific questions.
Hey all,   I just wanted to invite people in the Sac area to our Harvest Festival.  We'll have lots of child-friendly activities (storytelling, face painting, petting zoo) and bands and food for everyone.  It's October 8th from 11-4 in Orangevale.   Link with more info   See you there,   Ally
I thought I'd put this up for you moms in the area looking to have magical day with your family. Our school will have it's 11th annual harvest festival and I wanted to give you guys a heads-up about it. You can find out more info at our school's festival website: www.goldenvalleyharvestfestival.com
That list cracks me up because that sounds like when my Polish mother-in-law comes to visit. I've finally gotten her to understand that I'd rather the kids be with her than getting my dishtowels ironed (yes you did read that correctly). I learned early on that there is nothing wrong with what I'm doing, she just wanted to be useful. We let her cook food when the kids are in bed and we eat it later or frozen it so we get "Babcia meals" way after she's gone.
My children's school is hosting a workshop in Orangevale (near Roseville and Folsom) that's for children ages 0-5. I simply wanted to get the word out. Here is a link with more info.
After three very frustrating years in public school, my son will start at a new Waldorf inspired charter school after the summer. My kindergartner will also attend and my husband and I are so pleased we were finally able to find some place with the right vibe for us and that will suit our kids' needs. I thought I'd share that with you guys and to let you know that I'll probably be on here asking all kinds of questions. Obviously we didn't pick a Waldorf style school...
My children were born abroad to an American citizen (me), with their US citizenship we had no problem relocating to the US later on. My children are EU citizens and with that passport they can travel without problems and live in other EU countries when they're older.
We were at our daughter's May festival at school and this store had a small stand there. I plan on checking it out: http://www.thegreatforest.com/. They're in Fair Oaks.
We've also been with Dr. Fitzpatrick at Point West in Sac for 4 years and he doesn't talk down to me, lecture me as to why I should do something, and frankly I think he's happy that I don't beg him for antibiotics. He is VERY prompt when it comes to replying with messages.
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