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My sister in law and I are both due June 2. It's been interesting so see the differences in our belly growth. She's normally 95 pounds, I'm normally 140 pounds. She's carrying way out front and I'm more wide.  
This is one reason why I love babywearing. Baby stays close to my chest in a carrier for months and while they are most vulnerable.  My older kids are (vaxxed) and homeschooled, so we are around many kids that are unvaxxed.    I don't limit visitors or hanging out with other children, whether they are vaxxed or not. When I had my first son, I felt more protective about that I guess. At the same time we didn't vaccinate until he was 3 and felt very differently about that...
One thing I read that's new in the last few months is talk of 'are baby hats really needed?' (right after birth) Here's some linkshttp://modernalternativepregnancy.com/2013/09/06/take-it-off-why-you-should-drop-your-newborns-hat/#.U0rzxa1dUSEhttp://progressive-parenting.com/2012/04/24/three-things-we-need-to-stop-doing-to-newborns/http://www.claremontmidwife.com/2011/07/newborn-babies-and-hat-debate/#.U0r0Ya1dUSE
I noticed some colostrum type crusties on my nipples awhile ago but I wasn't able to express anything until about 2 weeks ago. It's quite a dark yellow.   So...with sleeping. Does baby sleep when you are sleeping? Can you sleep through their wiggles or does that keep you awake?   I feel I've been so lucky that baby isn't very active at night, and I can sleep. But man oh man, last night baby was incredibly wiggly and doing flips, so I was totally awake for most of the...
Thats entirely possible. I've had my drivers licence for just a year now and have always looked like a pack mule with both kids, and all our stuff for the day, whether we are walking or taking transit. I'm still getting used to having a fully stocked car and not needing to bring as much with me. This will be the first time I'll have a baby and be able to drive somewhere...I may just bring my ONLY my wallet/keys/phone into the store...oh the luxuries! 
I should also mention that I pushed baby out belly up in the pool both times. Midwives caught first son. And for second labour I jumped into pool for pushing and I caught second son.
We've always used a regular guard rail for co-sleeping twice now and really loved it. Dh is such a heavy sleeper that I don't want baby between us, so baby sleeps between me and rail and I'm next to Dh. I think we've mostly used Jolly Jumper brand rail. It's small enough that I can get on and off the bed easily, but big enough that it gives me piece of mind that he won't fall off.
For my first birth I just wanted to be on my knees in the birth pool, slung over the side.   For my second I couldn't stand to be in the water and just wanted to lie on my side on the bed.   I'm curious what this labour will be like and what position I'll want to be in.
I've done shoulder bags with using most carriers, and it works fine. Especially if you have a sling and wear the shoulder bag the opposite way. I especially like shoulder bags when I'm doing back carries, since I don't like wearing a backpack on my front.
I usually just use any bag that we have around for my diaper bag. I switch between a backpack and a shoulder bag. A shoulder bag is quite uncomfortable for me, so I usually opt for a backpack. I mostly babywear in the front for the first 5 months, so backpacks work for slings, wraps and front carry with the Ergo.  When we are out, we are out pretty much all day and need food, water and changes of clothes since we are often at the beach, in the forest or other type of...
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