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I had 2 Bravado nursing tank tops that I'd layer shirts on top of. Either with a regular t-shirt on top or a wrap style top. I liked them because i could lift up and not show my belly and I could lift down and unhook the clasps easily. Also wearing them on their own in the summer while using a wrap carrier was not too hot.
I'm due June 2. My prediction is May 27th. It just seems like a date they may become important for some reason. Ds1 was 3 days late and Ds2 was a week early, so this one could be either, who knows? I don't want it coming on June 5, and sharing my birthday. I'd love to have this baby at around 38 weeks, I'm so over being pregnant already. With the 2 miscarriages before this one (did you now elephants are pregnant for 12 months too, lol), and possibly us moving on July 1,...
dawncayden (Dawn) 32 3rd baby (5th pregnancy) June 2 unknown gender   I'm in the June due date club, but since Ds2, came a week early, maybe I should be here too :)
I set up the change table/clothes/diapers 2 weeks ago when I was 32 weeks. It's the only thing I'm going to set up before baby arrives. I don't want anything else out until baby is here. I might set up the carseat before baby arrives but I'm unsure. I'll probably just wait.Our storage is just our attic and the bedrail, diaper pail, bassinette and carseat are all easy to get down once baby comes.
I find half the people I know, go 'oh wow you are ONLY 34 weeks! your huge!', and half the people I know go 'wow you are SOOO tiny!'So I think it's all about perspective.
Naked! I can't stand to have anything touching me during labour.
My sister in law and I are both due June 2. It's been interesting so see the differences in our belly growth. She's normally 95 pounds, I'm normally 140 pounds. She's carrying way out front and I'm more wide.  
This is one reason why I love babywearing. Baby stays close to my chest in a carrier for months and while they are most vulnerable.  My older kids are (vaxxed) and homeschooled, so we are around many kids that are unvaxxed.    I don't limit visitors or hanging out with other children, whether they are vaxxed or not. When I had my first son, I felt more protective about that I guess. At the same time we didn't vaccinate until he was 3 and felt very differently about that...
One thing I read that's new in the last few months is talk of 'are baby hats really needed?' (right after birth) Here's some linkshttp://modernalternativepregnancy.com/2013/09/06/take-it-off-why-you-should-drop-your-newborns-hat/#.U0rzxa1dUSEhttp://progressive-parenting.com/2012/04/24/three-things-we-need-to-stop-doing-to-newborns/http://www.claremontmidwife.com/2011/07/newborn-babies-and-hat-debate/#.U0r0Ya1dUSE
I noticed some colostrum type crusties on my nipples awhile ago but I wasn't able to express anything until about 2 weeks ago. It's quite a dark yellow.   So...with sleeping. Does baby sleep when you are sleeping? Can you sleep through their wiggles or does that keep you awake?   I feel I've been so lucky that baby isn't very active at night, and I can sleep. But man oh man, last night baby was incredibly wiggly and doing flips, so I was totally awake for most of the...
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