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My twins are 2.5 and I'm going through the same thing. Because my husband is home with them during the day and working at night right now, he's not available to help me nightwean. And I'm so, so very ready. The kids, not so much. I know this isn't helpful, but no, you're not alone.
Quote: Originally Posted by lexbeach This afternoon I interviewed my twins about what it's like to be twins. It's a good illustration of how lovely their current dynamic is (please let this last!): Lex Lex, that was absolutely the most wonderful thing I have seen in I do not even know how long. It made me want to move to Northampton just to hang out with your family. Of course, I want to move to Northampton anyway, but hanging out with...
Quote: Originally Posted by kcstar He'll throw something on the ground and then say "Uh oh!", we've been trying to convince him that it's not "uh-oh" when he does it on purpose. I was just having this talk with my kids today! My twins love grapes, but can't pronounce the word. I just love hearing two little voices demanding "Beeps! Beeps! Beeps!"
Just got mine back yesterday - 17.5 months. I think it feels extra-painful, but maybe I've just forgotten how bad it used to be. Sigh. I'm not on anything (except Motrin!).
Quote: Originally Posted by Intertwined I call it "logger protest". Hard to carry you when you're dangling by one arm. I think I'd prefer a lager protest. You know, wherein the babies try to bribe me with beer. Might work, too.
Leslie - oh, you mean spaghetti legs? The sudden onset of complete paralysis which can only be cured by getting what I want right nooooooooooooow mama eeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhh? Yeah, I know about that one
Nasty looks I can ignore. It's the comments and open hostility that set me off. Thanks for the support, Mamas.
Ha ha ha yes (<--- please read "ha ha ha" in totally-not-laughing voice, because OMG this is no fun.) I just posted in the multiples forum about this.
My b/g twins are 17 months old, both shiny happy kids for the most part. They have quite a few words, and know how to sign for "more" (and recently started saying "mo'!" too). My issue is that we like to go out for breakfast on weekends to the Farmer's Market, which is a crowded but very casual environment with a lot of other kids, and they tend to shriek when they aren't getting what they want fast enough or they think we don't see them signing. They do it more in...
We just went to HP at the drive in with our 16 month old twins on Friday. We missed about 1/3 of the dialogue, what with the bouncing and yelling and the flinging of sippy cups, but it was still worth it. We go to the drive in nearly every week, and they don't pay attention to the screen at all. They eat their dinner, bounce around the car, then spend most of the film tandem nursing and squabbling over who gets which boob.
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