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Hi! I would be interested. We live near Taylorsville, about 45 min from Hickory, and are there frequently. We are homeschoolers, getting ready to start our first yr. I have three daughters, 18 months, 4 and 6. I'm a friend of treehugz, I believe she sent you a pm already. We would love to get together with you!
In case you're interested I have a local group going on and we have one member there in Maiden http://ncnaturalfamilyliving.webs.com Not specifically a nursing group, just general natural family practices, but we have several (including myself) nursing moms. I am in Taylorsville and the group encompasses the surrounding areas. We would love for you to join, we have playdates and a regular knitting circle (I'm teaching other members) every Thursday night. I'll pm you in...
Have you tried NC Homebirth? http://www.nchomebirth.com/index.html This is how I found my last midwife. With their legal status here it's a bit more difficult to find one. But if you just fill out your info here http://www.nchomebirth.com/Forms/for...Attendant.html a midwife in your are will get in touch with you. I'm in Taylorsville so I don't have anyone to recommend that would be close to you. Good luck!
I don't. But I did until I realized this; my parents had five children. We were spanked, put in time out, regular run-of -the-mill punishments, but my parents weren't abusize. Just did things really the only way they had been shown. Three of my siblings are into drugs and the life styles that generally come with that. My oldest sister was a very wild, promiscous youth but is now married, working hard and raising 5 children as best she can. I have always been far from...
I belive that that is the only free standing birth center in NC. I don't know if there are any water birth friendly hospitals. A friend of mine is seeing an OBGYN in Asheville. It is a man but she said that he is seriously laid back and rents out a cabin there for mamas to birth in and also works with lay midwives. Where are you located? If you are interested I could get the info on him from her.
Not much of anything, certaintly nothing to do with how I raise my children. I get a little tired of being questioned and challenged. I started a group for moms like me in my area just so I would have mom friends that I could actually relate to. Sadly, it's hard to have a conversation with my own sister just because of these stark differences in how raise our kids and live our lives.
My youngest is 2 and does this when she is teething or just not feeling well. It is so hard on mama but does pass. And like Ruthla said, if it get's to be more than your body can handle, for your own sake you should occassionaly set a limit and just comfort him. I know for me when it just goes on and on my skin begins to crawl and I just get so full of tension. Remember to take care of your own needs, as well. (((Hugs)))
I didn't realize I'd already posted here.
My youngest dd is 2 and still wants to nurse every 2 or 3 hrs. She is a very healthy little girl. DD1 didn't nurse nearly as often at this age, It really just varies from child to child.
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