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Quote: Originally Posted by turtlewomyn Sounds like you have it mostly covered. I would also say longer maternity leave. It is hard to be a working/pumping mom (I knew a mom who quit cold turkey around six months or so because she was tired of coworkers walking in on her while pumping, in her locked office - with a DND sign on the door! , I don't think she was pumping enough milk either, and in an environment like that.... it makes sense) I think more...
No, you are not alone.
Sounds like it could be thrush or maybe the beginnings of a plug? Check her latch - perhaps that's off.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sagesgirl I'd go to the appointment and ask them to explain themselves, as they really should know better. Agreed.
I listened and felt overall it was a balanced effort.
Quote: Originally Posted by weeirishlass Sorry, just clarifying that it's really just petting them on their butts. You know, when you're trying to get around them and you tap their butts to make them move? Ah well, we'll knock it off. But the problem with dd is kicking, and I have no idea where she picked that up. We do dance a lot, and sometimes I kick my legs when we dance, but never towards a dog. Oh I am sorry about my comment then! I...
That's great!
EXCELLENT LETTER! I have chills! Please do keep us posted.
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