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My MIL accidently gave my 6 month old a bottle of cow's milk instead of breastmik ...and the worst part....he's always been pretty sensitive to dairy so I try and avoid it or at least really limit my intake. This just happened within the last 30 min, poor guy seems uneasy and is burping and gurgling, I'm nursing him now and he seems okay but I'm really freaked out. Anyone have advice or experience with this kind of thing that can ease my mind? Anyone have links to...
Here is another question for Tandem nursing mamas... Did you get engorged after baby was born? Did you have a day when your "milk came in?" I nursed DD through most of the pregnancy and she didn't officially wean until DS was born, so I still had lots of milk. I was curious to see if I would still have the typical swell up a day or two after he was born, and it turned out that I kind of did...I guess I could say production volume went way up, but no engorgement...
I'd call her Wynn...I've always loved that name!
West Virote K. (name subject to change ) was born Wed. night, June 25th, at 11:15 PM...on his great grandmas 85th b-day, which she is overjoyed about. He weighed in at 8lbs 5oz. He is gorgeous and perfect and we are all in love with him : I cant wait to write out the full birth story, i can honestly say it was the perfect homebirth and I'm so happy and proud of myself Here are a couple of pics: less than an hour...
How about this name?
Oh my GAWD!!! What a perfect little face! She is so adorable, congrats!!!
Scratch that...just started losing my plug!
Quote: Originally Posted by onlygirls I was here under a different name once upon a time... Anyway I am 40+4 and I think today is the day. I am hot, sweaty, have a headache, SUPER CRANKY, losing my plug, having contractions and waiting for my MW to call me back. UGH. wow that's cool, we had the same due date and it looks like our babies will be here on the same day I wish I would start losing my plug...I guess that's not a must for...
40+4 I think labor is starting. Yesterday my hips were so sore an achy and I started having some light irregular contractions in the evening. I took a bath and went to bed around 11pm, then woke up at 3:30am with some contractions that are keeping me awake. I'm up for good now, even though they aren't bad yet I'm too excited to sleep lol. Plus I have about a billion things I need to get done!
40w 2d I'm here and may be for a while!
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