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I just got posted to Section 5 in NM so that is not near Albq. Good luck and have fun.
oh come on!
Hey! I am a volunteer and will be in NM October 23-27 to canvass. Where are you? Want to help? Have coffee? Wine?
I would suggest a boxer. Great with kiddos, protective and gentle.
Yes. We live in small Texas town that has a grocery store and a small Wmart and I would have to drive 75 miles one way to shop elsewhere.
Why do you want to quit?
Both of my babies were a little over-due. IT WILL HAPPEN! Sending labor vibes to you!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by 3*is*magic if what happened to you had happened to me, I would have dissolved into hopeless puddle on the floor. I would have been a hot mess. You, on the other hand, didn't seem to spend a single second saying POOR ME and instead simply kicked ass. And now you are my hero.
My 2nd was like that. After about a week I sat up in bed one night convinced he didn't have vocal cords. Of course I heard his new born cries so he does after all have vocal cords. Back to sleep. Enjoy your new little one.
I leave on Saturday for a 4 day vacation by MYSELF. I'm house sitting for my siter in Austin! The very last night I spent alone was almost 6 years ago. I am ready. Whatever shall I do? Suggestions please. I really want to relax in the hammock, read in the pool, take l o n g baths, eat all my favorites, start my yoga card series (MD Gift), and of course, the ever famous --- drum roll please, ------ Sleep late I need some suggestions...
New Posts  All Forums: